GIVE ART || A Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again when we are frantically, yet still slowly, trying to figure out what gift to get for our family and friends. Here are a few ideas for you to give a meaningful gift to crafted by passionate artists around the world.


Brooklyn, New York

A collection of goods designed for the home by brother and sister duo Dan Dundin and Meredith Franzese, 2of2 is based on their shared passion for design. Dan, a classically trained artist, and Meredith, an opinionated younger sister, have been collaborating on projects since they were kids growing up in the cornfields of Pennsylvania. Fascinated with the challenge of new materials, they have expanded their work to include wood, acrylic and metal. 2of2 is a line that is both contemporary yet familiar and minimalist yet ornate. The brand is based in Brooklyn, NY. 



Copenhagen, Sweden

We are so in love with the mesmerizing colours of their Tokyo Series. These cups and vases are doused in vibrant colours and each item is hand-cast and glazed, resulting in these soft, unique colours that's different for every cup. We spotted them on a trip to Los Angeles, and it took us days to justify splurging $40 for a cup - but it's worth it!


Vancouver, Canada

If you have visited the various different neighbourhoods featured in Vancouver Candle Co's lineup, you would be able to appreciate the fact that they've essentially packaged this scent for your home in their aromatic candles. Would you like your home to smell like Kitsilano? Gastown? Or the North Shore? The choice is up to you. For those who want to venture further, they also have candles capturing the scent of The Great Lakes, The North, The Prairies and more. 


Vancouver, Canada

What can be better than a comfy, warm blanket to wrap yourself up in while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea at home during the cold winter months? This extra large plush diamond throw made from 100% premium Turkish cotton comes in 5 different colours and is machine washable. 


Laguna Beach, CA

We came across this delicate jewelry brand made for layering while on our LA trip. They had a beautiful white storefront, hanging cocoon chairs, and greenery artistically draping itself on the exterior walls. We bought both the necklace and the stone bracelet for layering as they are perfect for day or night.