Live Painting With Mya

Mya picked up her brush and took a deep breath. Slowly, she painted a dab of blue on the canvas. The entire room fell silent, as if they were put into a trance by her soothing strokes. Her subject was initially indistinguishable — but as colours were added, mountain tops slowly took shape. What was once the lively chatter of fifty attendees with wine glasses in their hands — became a captivated audience of Mya’s live painting performance.


Pendulum Magazine - Live Painting with Mya

It took place at Shop Glasswing, a quaint boutique on Melrose Ave in Seattle. It was a collaborative event between art and fashion, between painter Mya Kerner and the Vancouver-based clothing brand Vestige Story. The message for Vestige’s Landscaef Collection was — "One single landscape can become infinite pieces of art”. It was meant to be an evening that connected the community with creativity.


A few of Mya’s small paintings sat among air plants, homeware and linen clothes on the wooden racks at Glasswing. Despite being an indie boutique, the shop featured an open, airy space. Its brick walls and soft lighting provided a blend of upscale industrial and homey chic. Founded by three artistic creatives, the team at Glasswing are also avid supporters of small independent brands. Through these events, they actively promote other talents found in the community.

Vestige’s pieces were showcased on a rack to the right, where Mya continued to paint. The brand draws heavily from the stories of real women, and aims to promote mindfulness through their collections. The designs were created with a creative lifestyle in mind, with simple staple pieces in premium Japanese fabrics. One dress flowed in a navy blue linen, reflective of the rich hues on Mya’s painting. The artist herself was clad in the brand’s signature jumpsuit — and its soft material shifted comfortably as she painted.

Mya herself was a Seattle-based painting and a multi-disciplinary artist. We first came across her work via Instagram, and were fascinated by the seamless, consistent aesthetics of her art. Her paintings were subliminal and minimal, with water and mountain-scapes as her main subjects. There is intent in her work. White space and blue strokes were employed in a subtle that deliberate manner. Who knew simple lines and mere shades of blue can evoke such depth?

Mya put down her brush. She paused and examine her painting. The atmosphere relaxed and people once again started to mingle. Drinks were picked up again and some browsed through the neighbouring Vestige rack. Yet, we were never far from Mya’s work. The crowd rotated between moments to admire the certainty of her strokes, the wondrous mix of hues and the passion that seeped through her smile. The wonder of watching her paint in person will remain in our memory.

Photos // AJ Ragasa