STUDIO GREYTAK || The Fantastical World of Mineral Art

STUDIO GREYTAK || The Fantastical World of Mineral Art

While designing his lodge in Bearmouth Ranch in Montana, John Greytak fell in love with rare gems and minerals when he accompanied his interior designer to the world’s largest gem and mineral show in Tucson.

He started to cultivate deep relationships with small family miners all over the world, fascinated by the long journeys and stories behind each mineral. His quest to collect minerals didn’t stop after his lodge, he continued to place gems and minerals at both of his ranches, home, and other vacation homes.

John wanted to keep collecting but he also wanted others to share in his love of the natural world. He saw the incredible beauty in design by nature and started wondering what would happen if he added human designers to the mix. He started by opening up his collection and working with local designers and artisans to create furniture, objets d’art, and jewelry from his headquarters in Missoula, Montana.

Studio Greytak is a conceptual art project where John explores the intersection between design by nature and design by humans. He does this by curating and collecting the most compelling examples of works from nature, then offering them up to a select group of designers who work with him at his design center in the Treasure State of Montana. Inspired by John’s collection and the majesty of the landscape, the result is a dynamic, diverse, and exclusive collection.

John’s goal is to share the beautiful creations of nature in meaningful ways with the world. Sourcing minerals from 6 continents, John and his team hand-pick and curate each gem. Their approach to has resulted in magnificent creations, such as the ones featured below.


The materials incorporated into the beautiful Iceberg Table include amethyst, walnut burl, and bronze. This creation pays homage to the mighty mountains of ice, with its rich violet amethyst sparkling in a sea of glass. Its deep cavern of rhombohedral crystals dance in the light, while a brilliant blue agate wall circles the stone. Below, the massive geode floats delicately on a base of solid bronze, grounded by a stunning frame of rare walnut burl.


The Bling Box is composed of an intricate and extensive mix of minerals and gems, including Rhodochrosite, Fluorite, Quartz, Pyrite, Ammolite, Aquamarine, Jasper, Rose Quartz, Silver Obsidian, Peridot, Opal, Maple and Sterling Silver. The design highlights the Fluorite, the paint box of the natural world.

Seen here playfully tumbling beside magical quartz and shimmering pyrite, Fluorite, has been known throughout the ages as the home of rainbows and is the origin of fluorescence as it shines even brighter under ultraviolet light. Here, it comes alive, paired with stones of similar intensity. Inside the box, sea-green aquamarine, bright orange fire opal, soothing rose quartz, and the luminescent peridot round out the palette. The box itself is a sunset-pink rhodochrosite box, which offers the most tender and loving energies of any stone. A fanciful flight of color, Bling Box 5 brings joy and exuberance to any room.


The Wenge Glacier Screen an elegant way to create privacy and add intimacy into the home. Designed with Brazilian Agate, Wenge, and Iron, Studio Greytak’s Wenge Glacier Screen combines 12 of the finest Brazilian agates with sustainably harvested wenge wood.

Both the colorful agates and the tropical wenge are known to provide protection and bring balance. Solid black iron frames and grounds the piece, providing an earthy harmony. All together, they create an impressive screen that filters both light and energy. Place the Wenge Glacier Screen in front of large windows to filter sun and shadow, leaving peace of mind and a tranquil sense of security.

Studio Greytak’s concept to combine design by nature and design by humans has attracted notable partnerships with Bergdorf Goodman, Maison Gerard and 1st Dibs, where John and his team are crafting exclusive pieces for them.

For more information, visit Studio Greytak’s website.

All photos courtesy of Studio Greytak.