KWANGHO SHIN || Abstract Portraits

Void of clean lines and sharp edges, abstract art invites the audience to get creative.

Let your mind fill in the blanks and connect the dots. This adds a layer of individuality to every art piece. Artist Kwangho Shin, a South Korean painter based in Seoul, creates abstract portraits in bright colourful mixes of oil, acrylic, and charcoal. The resulting pieces are highly-textured and vibrant pieces. 

We had a conversation with Shin Kwangho to discover his 

P: Tell us about your background as an artist.

K: I always enjoyed making things from when I was young. When I was 10 years old, I began to make cartoon style drawings after I saw an older cousin draw them and was completely shocked. I eventually became admitted to an art high school and became aware that painting was fit for me. Since then I’ve always had interest in painting and have been painting until now. I graduated from Keimyung University and started work in expressionism since then. 3 years after graduating, I was able to go to Germany for 1 year with a working visa, and from then on my work has been developing gradually.

P: Why did you choose abstract as your artistic style?

K: My method of creation is varied and diverse. Occasionally I do hyperrealistic work as well. Although in the aspect of expression I try to seek diverse forms, Iam increasingly attracted to theabstract style. As of now I haven't been able to find a style that is appropriate as Expressionism in narrating my story. However I am continuing to pursue my interest in diverse forms (and styles).

P: Has your style changed over the years? If yes, how has it evolved to your unique style today?

K: When I see my earlier works I see somewhat more explanations and sources in composition than my current works, but there is increasingly more abstract feeling in my current work.

P: The paintings that you create are intended to evoke emotions and feelings from viewers. Does your work reflect the emotions you experience yourself?

K: That can be said to be true. However, my emotions play an igniting role for creation
before it happens. Upon the actual moment of creation, there is no thought or
feeling. I forget myself.

P: How do you find inspirations for your paintings? Do you plan out your painting
or do you develop your painting as you go?

K: In the beginning, I focused on diverse emotions from people around me and our
relationships. Nowadays I take more interest in various events from the news
and other sources rather than the people around me.

P: I know you have a solo exhibition “I & ME” right now, can you tell us about the collection you are showcasing?

K: After pouring out the feelings of creating into the creative process I cannot remember how I  created the work. It can be said that they are mostly feelings of stories within the relationships with other people around me or from news.

P: What are your goals and plans for the future?

K: I do not set goals or plans. It is because nothing has been achieved from goals or plans. As of now I simply do what makes me happy.

Thank you Kwangho Shin for taking the time to chat with us to provide us with insight into his creative process. For more of his work, visit his website here

Photos courtesy of artist Shin Kwangho