NOOM || Where Art Meets Functionality

How often do you find functional objects that are beautiful, and beautiful objects that are functional?

The answer is “rare”, and that’s why we jumped on it as soon as we came across the spectacular sculpture-like lighting, decor and home accessories by Ukraine’s design company NOOM.

NOOM was founded in 2017 by industrial designer Kateryna Sokolova and entrepreneur designer Arkady Vartanov, who has over 10 years of manufacturing experience through his own workshop, Postformula Craft. For Internationally acclaimed designer Kateryna Sokolova, past experiences include working with world-renowned brands like Ligne Roset, Forestier, Jarre Technologies, and Bolia. NOOM’s vision is to create functional products that double as sculpture-like artworks with the use of both traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing technologies. Every single piece involves meticulous manual work by NOOM’s craftsmen, created within their own workshop where they are able to oversee production from start to finish.

Ekster Vase CS1_03.jpg


The “Suprematic” collection is NOOM’s latest vase and lamp collection inspired by the geometric works of Russian avant-garde artist and art theorist Kazimir Malevich. For Founders Kateryna and Arkady, influence from Kazimir Malevich started early after spending many years working and living in Malevich’s hometown of Kiev. The suprematism legacy remained heavily in the city’s art scene, subtly influencing local artists, designers and craftsmen.

The Malevich Vase

The Malevich Vase

The Suprematic Vases

The clean lines and geometric structure of the vases is not only a décor, but also a functional divider and holder for flowers. The unique vases create elegant compositions within a space, dressing up an otherwise blank wall; when void of flowers, the vases function as art objects on display.

To pay tribute to the art that inspired the collection, each individual piece is thoughtfully named after famous suprematists and modernist artists.

The Ekster Vase

The Ekster Vase

The Suprematic Lamp

The Suprematic Lamp consists of geometric-shaped components forming a sculpture-like structure composed of thin pieces of sheet metal with different finishes that contrast beautifully against one another. Hanging together in a set of three, the unique composition of each lamp balances out one another, creating a statement piece that adds character and artistic flair to your home.

Suprematic Lamps All_01.jpg
Lamp Suprematic One

Lamp Suprematic One

NOOM’s creation is a wonderful example of how art and fine craftsmanship can come together to create practical objects for your home. Next time you are ever in need of objects to beautify your living space, don’t forget to take a look at NOOM’s Suprematic Collection, guaranteed to be a conversation starter for your guests! To learn more about NOOM, visit here.

Photography courtesy of NOOM