CONFIDENCE KILLER || You Should Stop Saying This

Usually we shy away from using negative words in our titles, but this one needed it for extra impact.

It's because I hear this saying so often in conference calls, meetings, over dinner, and it's such a confidence killer that we must bring it to your attention because for lack of a better description, this one phrase is killing your jam.

Correct Me If I'm WRONG...

Preceding any fact or argument with this already tells your audience that you aren't so sure; that you aren't confident in what's coming out of your mouth. There are two ways around this:

  1. Don't say anything that would require you to use this saying.
  2. Confirm your sources and be 100% sure BEFORE you say it.

Who wants to give off the feeling that they aren't sure or aren't confident in their job? No one who really wants to succeed! We would suggest you go with option 2, where you verify your sources and information before you share the knowledge. Yes it does take a bit more work but it takes the guesswork out of it and definitely takes you to your A game.