ON GOAL SETTING || You Create Your Circumstances

As I write this article I am taking a break from enjoying the scenic landscape on the train ride from Bern to Lausanne in Switzerland.

The new year is always a trigger for us to reflect upon the last year and attempt to motivate ourselves to take on the next. It's always hard to start the new year, especially if you view it as a brand new blank page, because once you put your pen down, you risk messing up the drawing. It's the courage of getting past the fear of getting started that will take you on the route to success.

In the past year since I’ve had to manage my marketing business while starting up Pendulum Magazine, my passion project, I have realized that you create your circumstances. A lot of excuses and doubts kill opportunities and dreams, but the truth is, you create your circumstances. 

I have never edited a magazine, or written for one, or taken a photography for “work” purposes until I picked up a camera specifically to document the stories and ideas of brilliant people I’ve had the joy of meeting through Pendulum. 

I didn’t know if I could succeed chasing my dream of running a magazine, I just didn’t doubt myself, and that has already allowed me to come some distance from the starting line.

So in the first month of 2018, decide where you want to go, and I guarantee if you go down the path with determination and persistence, you will find yourself far from the starting line at the end of the year.

All the best in your endeavours for the year, you are just getting started!