ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP || What's Your Default Attitude?

What's your default attitude? 

I recently discussed this with a friend as we chatted our respective businesses. One point I found enlightening, was that entrepreneurs are likely to have a mindset where positive options are their default mode. 

For example, if an entrepreneur has a new business idea they are excited about, they are more likely to consider all the positive opportunities that will come out of the business idea and all the exciting tangent opportunities to come. They will tell you all the ways why it WILL work. 

On the other hand, you have entrepreneurs who have the opposite mindset, where if they were to come up with a business idea, their evaluation process begins with all the possible ways it WON'T work, and how every obstacle is magnified ten times in their mind. 

This isn't to say that a successful entrepreneur only has a positive mode, because you will need to consider the pros and cons of the potential business idea. You need to recognize that though it is sunny now, it may rain - so you have to be prepared for the good and bad days in your business. 

However, at the beginning, I would argue that having a positive default mode and mindset is like adding positive fuel to your entrepreneurial fire - and trust me you need that positive energy to get past the initially, seemingly impossible tasks. The flip side mindset that considers everything that could go wrong is important as well, as you start to build a brand name, protection against the competition and other unknown curve balls. 

So what is your default mode? It is one of possibility and positivity?