BRAIN WORKOUTS || How to Keep an Open Mind to Fuel Growth in Your Career and Business

Your brain is like a muscle. If you stop working it, it basically stops growing. 

Working your brain keeps you mind open to new opportunities, helps your brain build new connections, which shows you all the possibilities you never saw before. 

While travelling is a great way for us to gain insight into new places, people, things, and culture, not all of us have unlimited vacation time to explore the world. So how can we 'explore the world' in the comfort of our own home or office?


On my flight back to Vancouver from Montreal I recently picked up two unlikely reads at the airport - Black Privilege by Charlamagne Tha God, and Gangland: The Rise of the Mexican Drug Cartels from El Paso to Vancouver.

I am more than halfway through the first read, Black Privilege by Charlamagne Tha God, and I have to say that it gave me more of a kick to get my act together to pursue growth in my business. 

One of the author's key sayings is to "put the weed in the bag". Some background: The author grew up in a small town in South Carolina, hanging out with some people who weren't the best influences, so he was involved in selling drugs, a few prison stints, etc. 

However, the saying still proves true. The author mentions a lot of up and coming rappers, DJs, approach him to ask how he got to where he is today, as if there is a shortcut to do so. His response? You have to put the weed in the bag - meaning you have to build the basis foundation of EVERY business, whether that's selling widgets or selling weed. 

Want to run a multi-million dollar fast food chain? You better get on the grill and put those burgers in bags. 

In my case, want to run an international magazine read by people around the world? You better go out there and create interesting content. 

The point is, this book opened up my mind to how people with a different upbringing operate, their way of thinking and doing, and that is immensely helpful to helping me learn more about what resonates with different audiences. 

If you don't have the money and time to travel the world to make these discoveries, pick up a book in a category that's new to you, and you are bound to learn something new.