VILLA CATWALK || A House with Two Views

Whether you like an ocean view or mountain view, you will get the best of both worlds here at Villa Catwalk.

Nestled in the northeast part of Minora Island in Spain is Villa Catwalk, a 5-bedroom home arranged in a collection of bright white cubes placed on either side of a 28-metre long central block called “the Catwalk”. The unique structure is designed by Barcelona-based architect and design firm Nomo Studio with the goal of creating a house that will embrace the scenic surrounding looking out to the ocean and the Monte Toro, the highest mountain on the island.

The project name “Villa Catwalk” came from the long catwalk-like platform that runs across the house, extending outwards on either side. This platform acts as a bridge, which seamlessly connects the view from either side of the structure, a design that allows residents to enjoy both an ocean view and a mountain view.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.43.22 AM.png
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Depending on the weather, the platform that runs through the house can be transformed into an indoor or outdoor living space with the use of transparent sliding doors on either side. In the summer, the indoor living space can easily transform into an outdoor patio, where one can enjoy the gentle breeze flowing through the corridor while taking in the views on either side of the house. The ample outdoor space from the extended platform can also be furnished with patio furniture to make a lovely lounging area perfect for entertaining guests.

Large glass sliding doors on both ends of the platform.

Large glass sliding doors on both ends of the platform.

Balcony that looks out to the luscious protected green area.

Balcony that looks out to the luscious protected green area.

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Perhaps the most unique design of the house lies on either side of the linear platform, a collection of 3m x 3m cubes stacked on top of one another call the “Pixels” by the designers. The pixelated units house the bedrooms, bathrooms and other service rooms; some of them with balconies, others with direct access to the garden. Varying window sizes add visual interest, corresponding with the nonsystematic arrangements of the pixelated units.

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Nomo studio also added that by breaking down the structure into smaller units makes the house look smaller, therefore more integrated into its surrounding landscape. The merging of the architecture and nature is also further emphasized with a void that crosses under the house, another design similar to the catwalk platform that allows visual connection between the two sides of the home.

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A long, 5-meter cantilever roof spreads out across and above the house’s signature catwalk. The roof not only provides extra cover from the sun, but also creates an interesting illusion of a solid block that hovers above you without the added columns for support. This is achieved by using two 1.2-meter high steel vierendeel beams embedded in concrete, which support themselves on hidden steel brackets. To further enhance the openness of this space, the ceiling was raised so that more daylight would come in.

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The Villa Catwalk is a project that not only intrigues with its minimal yet visually impactful visage, it also pays respect to the surrounding environment by incorporating design concepts that allow the residents to appreciate the natural landscape of Minora Island.

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Project Details


COLLABORATORS: Laura Guitart Matas, Juan Mora SA, Gaimo SL

SIZE: 312 m2

LOCATION: Minorca, Spain

Photos courtesy of Nomo Studio