HOTEL ODEON || A New and Elegant Take on Nordic Hospitality

Simple is hard, yet Hotel Odeon in Odense makes its minimal space seem like an effortless endeavour.

Located in the center of the Hans Christian Andersen’s neighbourhood in Odense, the newly-built Hotel Odeon welcomes you with its warm and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel combines first-class international standards with the best of Funen. Odense can be reached within a 1.5-hour drive or train ride from Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

The goal of the design by Copenhagen-based Co.Designstudio is to fuse international standards with local Scandinavian decor. The interiors embrace the simple and functional Nordic aesthetic, utilizing a soft colour palette paired with elegant Danish furnishings celebrating the love of craftsmanship.

The project involves the design of 234 rooms and suites, the lobby and meeting rooms, as well as the restaurant with roots in the Nordic kitchen.

Photo Credit: Anne Mie Dreves

The Restaurant H.C by Meyers expresses a love for Nordic cuisine. The overall design vision adds on to the experience of the Nordic feel and hospitality. The beauty of the cold nordic light is represented in the light blue tones of the furniture and bespoke sofas and shelving.

Ecology, thought, sustainability and taste are the reference points for the food, just as the kitchen places the green aspect high in the hierarchy on the plate, along with the best quality meat. The restaurant is not only exclusive for guests of the hotels but welcomes all locals of Odense.

Brightly-lit restaurant space.

One of the key tasks for the owner and for Co.Designstudio was to create a delicate but cozy atmosphere, tells designer Pernille Arlien Søborg, founder of Co.Designstudio. The carefully selected furniture, custom-designed carpets throughout the hotel, stones and wood, and above all, people, add life and warmth to the scene.

The colour palette throughout the hotel was created in collaboration with textile designer Barbara Bendix Becker.

One focal element of the interior is the central fireplace in the lounge-area of the hotel.

It is so truly a Scandinavian tradition to gather around fire. Life and activities have always been turning around the source of heat, and this is what we wanted to bring inside the hotel.
— Pernille Arlien Søborg

A gathering spot around the fireplace.

The floor in the conference rooms is made of white-oiled oak planks which are combined together with warm tones of discrete colours and textiles. A lot of attention was given to different textures and how to combine them in an adept way. The tactility of the space comes from the craftsmanship of different materials. Many of the furniture have been custom-designed for the hotel. The six-meter long tables in Dinesen Douglas definitely leaves a grand impression when meeting guests.

The graceful pendants placed in the conference area, are handmade by the Danish lighting company Le Klint. Co.Designstudio has been working in close collaboration with the company in order to customize a special sized lampshade for the conference tables.

Custom lampshades.

The rooms are designed to be an extension the hotel lobby’s inviting Nordic feeling. Materials and colours were carefully chosen to emphasize tranquility and recovery in a warm and light environment. High quality beds, and crisp, folded lamp fixtures together with a unique art piece made by local artist Sonja Brandes come together to form the relaxation experience. The theme of the art pieces is inspired by four of H.C Andersen’s fairytales in classic paper-cut-out form.

Elegant sculptural silhouettes.

The suites are modelled and styled with a sensitivity of shapes and materials. The Danish-designed chairs from Fritz Hansen creates sculptural silhouettes and reflect the Nordic concept.

Comfort is the absolute focus in every aspect of the hotel, including the rooms, lobby, restaurant, bar and the fireplace. Each design element is tailored to make you feel pleasantly welcomed when you step inside Hotel Odeon.

Whether you are looking for a tranquil to relax and unwind on your next getaway to Odense, Denmark, or need a tasteful space to host your business meeting, Hotel Odeon offers a modern solution that will not disappoint.

Hotel staff setting up the conference meeting area.


Odeons Kvarter 11, 5000 Odense

Photos courtesy of Hotel Odeon