WAFFLE BRUNCH || Sunday Morning Indulgence

WAFFLE BRUNCH || Sunday Morning Indulgence

A gentle rain pitter-pattered on the windows, waking me up on a slow Sunday morning. The time on my phone showed 8:38am - another 2 hours until my Sunday brunch meeting.

Location wasn't confirmed, so I did a quick google search of the metrotown area, close to my friend's residence, and Fondway Cafe caught my eye. I scrolled through a few food photos tied to their listing and decided brunch will be at this seemingly-cozy cafe. 

2 hours later I pushed opened the heavy glass door and the wind chime welcomed my arrival. The decor was cute and homey, with a communal bar table near the till and several mismatched wooden tables with fitting barrel seats arranged beside them. Large, white tins lined the wall, and where white space was supposed to be, intriguing cartoon-ish murals added character. 

The menu was clipped to wooden serving boards; I decided on a special green tea latte and what seemed to be the popular item - the waffle party - 2 waffles with a sizable portion of sliced bananas, strawberries and blueberries covered in caramel drizzle and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Pendulum Magazine Fondway Cafe Waffle Party and Brunch.JPG

My friend ordered the waffle brunch, which was equally impressive with a corn soup, tuna spread, mixed salad and 2 waffles. 

The waffles were a bit on the fluffy side, and could have used some more toasting to give it more "crunch". The fruit with the caramel drizzle was lovely and not too sweet. The special green tea latte was aromatic and you can taste the bitterness of the green tea powder - I would recommend tea drinker to try this one. 

Pendulum Magazine Waffle Brunch Fondway Cafe Burnaby

I would return to enjoy the atmosphere and the latte again and try their croissants next time!