BOB LIKES THAI FOOD || Sunny Lunch Hour

Standing at a busy street corner in South Granville, Vancouver, a timely bus pulls up and lunchtime commuters alight. Bob Likes Thai Food's entrance features a makeshift patio, and the smell of Thai food wafts out from the kitchen and pours onto the street, attracting passerby to stop at our table and inquire about our tasty lunches. 

Bob Likes Thai Food - Pendulum Magazine

"Excuse me, but is your food good?"

"It's only $12 for their lunch special!"

"Really? Well, I must come back after my errands then." - a friendly passerby engaged us in conversation and then continued on her way to run errands. 

We sipped our waters at our table at the entrance basking in the summer sunshine. We had ordered the Beef Panang and Green Curry Chicken lunch specials. The Beef Panang had coconut milk based red curry with beef, basil and bell peppers with rice, greens and fried wonton wrap. The Green Curry Chicken packs more of a kick to it with coconut milk based green curry with chicken, basil, eggplant and bamboo shoot with rice, greens and fried wonton wrap. I'm usually a big fan of green curry since I love eggplants, but decided to opt for the Beef Panang today; my choice did not disappoint.

Between bites of food I glanced at the wall decor - a world map, large mirrors and colourful wooden planks and similarly coloured tiles adorn the walls. Definitely funky interior decor but this is exactly what makes it endearing. A group of businesspeople chatted away next to us and a table further tourists were happy with their food discovery. 

Bob Likes Thai Food - Pendulum Magazine

A relaxing summer lunch spot tucked away at one of the busiest street corners in Vancouver. We will be back again for the food, or even if it were only for the atmosphere.