BÁNH MÌ TRÈS BON || Vietnamese Cuisine Embracing Simplicity

Bánh Mì Très Bon is an unassuming eatery located in Richmond, and past its simple glass doors, you enter a space filled with delicious aromas from their savoury crepes, noodle soups, Vietnamese coffee and premium TWG Teas. 

Pendulum Magazine Banh Mi Tres Bon

At first glance we were pleasantly surprised by the decor in this casual eatery, with handpicked titles lining the waiting area on white wooden shelves, and a emerald green velvet chair and plush armchairs for guests to sit and wait. From their website, the restaurant's vision mentions the influence of France in their menu, and it's evident the influence extends to its whimsical and elegant decor. 

A large wooden board reaching the ceiling houses the menu, and paper lamps in various patterns are suspended from the ceiling. The opposing wall is a collage of carefully curated paintings and photos. We observed as guests enjoyed their Banh Mi sandwiches and hot noodle soup over casual conversation

After a short wait we were seated and ordered the Phở Très Bon (Traditional Vietnamese noodle soup with beef tenderloin & meatballs), a Vietnamese coffee, mini savoury crepes (comes in a set of 7), and a Bánh Mì Petit Dejeuner (breakfast sandwich with fried eggs. My sandwich tasted fantastic - the baguette was warm but not overly toasted, and the soft egg yolk from the fried egg doubled as a dipping sauce. The noodle soup was so delicious the toddler at the next table wouldn't eat anything but drink the soup. The meal was thoughtfully presented on a wooden tray in a soft pink bowl.

Warm baguettes packed with vegetables and a perfectly fried egg with soft yolk.

Warm baguettes packed with vegetables and a perfectly fried egg with soft yolk.

As the team describes on the website:

What you will find is pure and genuine Vietnamese food created with the greatest intent to offer our guests fresh, while maintaining familiar flavours that will delight the palette.

Set of 7 mini savoury crepes served in an iron grill plate.

Set of 7 mini savoury crepes served in an iron grill plate.

The mini savoury crepes served in a heated iron griddle and heavy wooden board were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. We will definitely return to try out the other Banh Mi sandwiches; on my wish list is the one with beef, since the menu highlights the hormone-free beef we would love to taste the difference. Next time we would also save some space for the supremely cute cartoon character macarons!

Bánh Mì Très Bon is located at Central at Garden City in Richmond. We recommend their sandwiches for a hearty brunch or their soup noodle for when you crave comfort food on a rainy day.

#1840 - 4720 McClelland Rd. Richmond

Operating Hours:
Monday - Sunday from 9:30am - 8pm
Telephone: 604-273-4422