You will visit for the lamb belly and stay for the Rhubarb, strawberry and vanilla ice cream cake.

I had walked by Fayuca numerous times, wondering about their menu, so when the opportunity came to visit for a tasting, I was elated to find myself at the restaurant on a quiet weekday afternoon.

The interior design is unique and full of character, with its punchy colours and woven, wicker walls throughout. The welcoming warm colour palette is accented with teal seating booths and red wall tiles, and you can definitely feel the energy of Mexico through the design.

There are plenty of shared dishes on the menu, with the creamy Guacamole being an obvious crowd favourite. The crispy sunchokes give it texture while the feta adds flavour. It is encouraged to enjoy sips of Mezcal over shared appetizers, which was described to me as 'artisanal Tequila'. As the bartender poured two small glasses of Mezcal for us to taste, he explained that Mezcal can usually only be found with high alcohol concentration levels, such as 40% and above, so it will definitely warm you up. The drink is served with orange and sprinkled cinnamon to balance your palette after each sip. 

Guacamole with Fried Parsnips, Crispy Sunchokes Macedonian Feta. 

If you prefer a lighter drink to start, the Damiana Margarita is a lovely choice, with Cazadores, Cointreau and fresh lime. 

The refreshing and light ceviche was served next, with roasted golden beets, avocado, cucumber and carrot aguachile, it has all the ingredients to make it the perfect summer season dish. The tangy sauce is supremely appetizing and I could never say no tasty beets!

Roasted Golden Beet Ceviche, Avocado, Cucumber, Carrot Aguachile.

The highlight of our visit however, was definitely the lamb belly. I will surely make repeat visits just to enjoy this dish. The skin is crispy, while the meat retains the juices of the fat in the lamb belly, and is cooked until it is fall-off-the-bone tender. If you can consume 'joy', this is it. 

Lamb Belly Barbacoa, Charred Avocado, Onions with Oregano, Fennel - portion is for 2 to share.

Just when I thought this wonderful feast was coming to an end, my host served up a delicious dessert, Rhubarb and almonds genoise, with strawberry and vanilla ice cream. I certainly tried my best to make room for dessert. It wouldn't be right not to finish such a tasty creation!

Rhubarb and almonds genoise, strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

I sat by the window enjoying all the scrumptious menu items, and took note of how other patrons were enjoying the dining experience. A pair of visitors to Vancouver were chatting with the bartender about the best beaches and restaurants to visit, while an early group of happy hour friends sat outside on the patio awaiting their drinks.

To sum up my experience, I fell in love with the lamb belly and the vibrant decor, especially the yellow barstools; so much so that I may request a special order of them for my own and/or office. If you love lamb, or haven't tried artisanal Mezcal, Fayuca is your spot in the heart of Yaletown for great food and a vibrant dining environment.


1009 Hamilton St, Vancouver

(604) 689-8523

Photos: Florence Leung