YAYU CAFE || Healthy and Vibrant Plant-based Cafe in Ucluelet

YAYU CAFE || Healthy and Vibrant Plant-based Cafe in Ucluelet

Purity in what we consume is one of the five key self-care principles I learned through my yoga practice.

While I definitely indulge in carbohydrates, meats and sweets, I am more conscious of my intake and making an effort to add more balance to my diet. When I stumbled across Yayu Cafe right after my morning latte next door at Zoe’s Cafe, I decided to stop by and learn about what they have to offer.

The cozy outdoor patio is simple and brimming with greenery and potted plants. The colour palette is warm and welcoming, with white wood-planked planters paired with light wooden tables. The interior houses a vibrant, mandarin orange wall with whimsical details, like the rope lighting fixtures and embroidered cushions.

Patio seating for a breath of fresh air.

The day’s specials are handwritten on a roll of brown craft paper, and as we were studying the menu, Sharon came by to greet us with a warm smile. We asked her what we should try from the menu, and she recommended the ‘Matcha Mind’ and their Brekky Bowl.

As we sat down outside on the patio waiting for our order, we saw two other guests wander into the shop, asking Sharon to recommend some dishes off the menu for lunch. The two appear to be tourists and listened attentively as Sharon explained each dish to them; from visiting numerous cafes around the world for our photoshoots, we always appreciate scenes like this, where the owner treats their guests similar to visitors to their home - with a sense of familiarity and care.

My journey started almost ten years ago when my mother passed away from colon cancer. That soul shaking experience really opened up my eyes to the relationship we all share with food, or lack thereof. I realized how many of us are disconnected to the very source that sustains us. Food has the power to heal your body, mind, and feed your soul. And we want to share this with you!
— Sharon, Founder, yayucafe.com

We love the bright orange wall paired with wood furniture.

The ‘Matcha Mind’ is made with housemade almond milk and has moringa in it as an energy booster. The creamy texture would be great as a midday break treat, or with the pancake stack available on Yayu Cafe’s breakfast menu.

The Brekky Bowl is perfect as a light breakfast, as the portion is enough to satiate your appetite for the few hours leading up to lunch hour. It should be noted that those who enjoy a long and healthy life always share that they rarely eat until they are 100% full, but they will eat until they are 70% full.

If you are visiting Ucluelet and want a healthy breakfast or lunch option in a cozy environment, stop by Yayu Cafe, where the service will be warm, the lattes indulgent yet healthy, and the plant-based menu tasty and revitalizing.

Matcha Mind.

Vibrant and hearty plant-based lunch bowl.

250 Main Street, Ucluelet

8am - 4pm daily