ADITYA HAVELIA || The Diving Experience of A Lifetime

Well, the best thing that could ever happen to me has happened. I was given the wonderful opportunity to dive the Sipadan National Park and without a doubt, I grabbed it with both hands. Diving in the Sipadan was a dream come true, not only was the underwater seascape beautiful, the sheer abundance and diversity of marine wildlife was truly eye opening. As I ventured freely across the ocean, I came across white tip sharks, bigeye trevallies, barracudas, humphead parrotfish, and sea turtles. These were species that were commonly seen on a normal day, as I was told. It made me wonder what rare creatures I would encounter on a special day.

I’m Aditya Havelia, an India-based underwater and wildlife photographer. My love for nature has made me travel extensively through the sea and land of India and Africa. If you have questions about exploring the beautiful Sipadan National Park, do not hesitate to reach out to me, I will be happy to answer them all.

A school of Bigeye Trevally.

An inquisitive green turtle.

A unified school of Barracuda.


Green Turtle resting atop a rock.

Humphead Parrot Fish.

The mysterious and wondrous underwater seascape.

To see more of Aditya’s photography, visit her website here. All photos courtesy of Aditya Havelia.