TRAVEL SERIES || A Weekend at The Glen Wilde
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Our vision is to take you on trips to cities around the world. Featuring the best local hangouts so you can experience life like a local on your adventures. Join us for a weekend at The Glen Wilde.

While some may view a vacation rental as where they return to to sleep after a long day exploring nearby attractions, The Glen Wilde is where you want to stay, to slow down and explore their 11-acre private grounds.

The cozy bungalows are full of character, with inviting furniture you want to curl up in, and living spaces bathing in the warm sunlight spilling in from the large windows. All of the spaces feel welcoming because of the human, lived-in feeling you get when you step in through the door.

Photo Credit: Escape Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Escape Brooklyn

While the interiors are designed in a way to encourage you to slow down and catch your breath, don't forget the vast amount of nature you have to discover on this private property. Mature trees reaching high into the sky provide a canopy for you and friends or family to enjoy a picnic spread on Laurel Lane, a covered drive at the heart of the property with long communal tables inviting outdoor dining and socializing. As the weather cools with the sunset, cozy up to one of the bonfire pits. 

Evening gathering underneath beautiful string lights.   Photo Credit: Peter B Crosby

Evening gathering underneath beautiful string lights. Photo Credit: Peter B Crosby

While there are various activities off the premises, there is plenty to explore on site, from following the stream to engage with small woodland creatures, to exploring the magical Artemesia pine forest named after the Goddess of the Hunt. Kids are happy to roam free in the lush forest and adults can kick back in lawn chairs or play bocce or croquet on the lawn. This is where one can truly unwind, as they say, to stop and smell the roses. On sunny days, host a barbecue outside and smell the delicious aromas of fire-grilled vegetables fill the air, mixed in with the nature's earthy scent.

Photo Credit: Tara Donne (left and right photo below)

A colourful meal to be enjoyed in the cozy bungalows. 

A colourful meal to be enjoyed in the cozy bungalows. 

WAKE UP || Yoga at The Glen Wilde Fields

10AM Saturdays at The Glen Wilde Fields

The Glen Wilde is a place meant for relaxation and reconnection to your body and mind, and the best way to start off your first morning there is to join the community for a morning session of yoga, under the shade of the trees or if the weather bodes well, in the sweetly-scented blueberry fields.

Early morning conversations on the front steps. Photo Credit: Peter B Crosby

Below are a list of activities you can choose to explore while at The Glen Wilde, but with everything on site, you may not even want to wander far!

SWIM || Lake Superior State Park

342 Dr Duggan Rd, Bethel, NY

A true escape from the city life and workplace cubicle isn't complete without a picnic. Head over to Lake Superior State Park, an old fashioned lake where you will find picnic areas and boat rentals for you to keep you occupied for an entire afternoon. 

SHOP || Westwind Orchard

215 Lower Whitfield Road, Accord, NY

Here you can pick your own organically grown apples, pears, raspberries and pumpkins. So technically you aren't "shopping", you are selecting groceries you could use for your salads, or pumpkins you can grill as a appetizer dish for dinner. You can also buy jam, vinegar, honey balm made on their family orchard. On select weekends you may get to eat pizza cooked in the outdoor wood fired oven by the Seraghina folks from Bed-Stuy. Check their website for more information on activities - there's always something exciting going on!

Photo credit: Food 52

DRINKS || Arrowood Farms

236 Lower Whitfield, Accord, NY

After you pick a selection of berries and pumpkins from Westwind Orchard, you can stop by Arrowood Farms to grab a beer before heading back to The Glen Wilde. Their beer is grown from the ground up, meaning their tasting room is right in the middle of their farm! You can spend an hour or two enjoying their selection in the tasting room. Their main crop is hops, and they grow six different varieties that go directly into their beer. This would also be an ideal event venue if you are looking to plan a wedding or corporate retreat. Find out more from their website or click the photos below to visit their Instagram account.

WINE TASTING || Bashakill Vineyards

1131 South Road, Wurtsboro, NY

Picturesque view for a Sunday morning.

Picturesque view for a Sunday morning.

Heading into your Sunday schedule, you can spend your morning breathing in the fresh air on the 11-acre property before you get ready to head back home. Bashakill Vineyards is where you should enjoy the day before heading back to reality. The proximity to the Bashakill wetlands provide ideal conditions for grape growing; you can enjoy live music and tastings while you are there - the perfect spot to enjoy the afternoon!

The Glen Wilde is located at 44 Church Rd, Mountaindale, NY 12763

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