TRAVEL SERIES || A Trip To Santa Barbara
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Our vision is to take you on trips to cities around the world. Featuring the best local hangouts so you can experience life like a local on your adventures. Featuring Savannah Ivy of Live Well And Wander, join us for A Trip To Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara is a quintessential coastal town of Southern California. The atmosphere feels as if you're relaxing somewhere in the Mediterranean rather than in Southern California. A mere 2- hour drive from Los Angeles is where you will find this lovely coastal town. While driving is an option, we highly recommend flying in to void the infamous LA traffic.

Santa Barbara is an excellent destination for those looking to escape the city grind, boasting a great food and wine scene plus a great selection of outdoor activities. Rich with Spanish history and architecture, the city draws art and history lovers as well.

STAY || Spanish Garden Inn

915 Garden St

Santa Barbara Inn or the Spanish Garden Inn. Book as far in advance as possible for the sake of your wallet as it is difficult to find moderately priced accommodation. Most of the really nice hotels are on the beach which is great, but it's a little farther from Downtown, so you'll need to decide if you'd rather be near the water or shopping and restaurants!

Santa Barbara Spanish Garden Inn
Photo // Spanish Garden Inn Website

Photo // Spanish Garden Inn Website

VIEWS || Santa Barbara Courthouse

1100 Anacapa St.

A short climb to the top of the tower, and you will get a view of the whole town with the beautiful mountains in view. A visit early in the day helps to avoid the crowd. 

Views from Santa Barbara Courthouse
Photo // Live Well And Wander

Photo // Live Well And Wander

SHOP || Plum Goods

909 State St

In the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, Plum Goods offers ethnically made local goods. This is where you will find the perfect souvenir. Not enough time to browse in store to your heart's content? Visit their online shop to satisfy your shopping needs.

Photo // Plum Goods Website


WINE TASTING || The Funk Zone

500 E. Montecito Street

With close to 20 boutique tasting rooms, plus cafes and shops to add to your experience, The Funk Zone offers you a glimpse of the contemporary and hip side of Santa Barbara. We enjoyed our wine tasting at River Bench Winery.

Photo // Live Well And Wander

Photo // Live Well And Wander

DAY TRIP || Santa Ynez Valley

Our bike tour with I Bike Santa Barbara took us through Los Olivos and Solvang. We opted for a 15-mile ride, which included a picnic lunch and 2 wine tastings. Shorter distance options available so you can choose the level appropriate for you and your travel mates.

Photo // Venturelli Group

Photo // Venturelli Group

BREAKFAST || Lilac Patisserie

1017 State St

Lilac Patisserie is a gluten free bakery on state street with over 20+ cakes to choose from on their extensive dessert menu. They also serve a light breakfast and lunch with a soup and/or salad of the day. We got their housemade granola with berries. 

Photos // @LilacPatisserie Instagram

LUNCH || Santa Barbara Public Market

38 W Victoria St

The Santa Barbara Public Market has got enough events and happenings to keep you entertained for an entire afternoon. Nestled in the performing and cultural arts district of downtown Santa Barbara, it's a gathering place for locals and visitors alike to taste locally and regionally sourced food, wine, and beer. The market also hosts public and private events, such as winemaker dinners on a monthly basis. Make sure to check their calendar as part of your trip planning efforts.

Santa Barbara Public Market

DINNER || Kanaloa Seafood

715 Chapala Street

Laid back and fun, this is where you can enjoy great food amongst locals. Their delicious fare is served on paper plates with plastic silverware. If you happen to be in town on Friday or Saturday nights you can enjoy the live music as well.

Their laid back vibe likely originates from their Hawaiian-inspired values:

The Hawaiian word, Kina’ole, means “doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling every time.”

Photo // Live Well And Wander

Photo // Live Well And Wander

DINNER || Loquita

202 State Street

Spanish cuisine featuring great Tapas and a solid wine list. We recommend a table outside to enjoy our favorites dishes - the Croquetas De Pollo and the Chorizo y Pollo Paella!

Photo // Live Well And Wander

Photo // Live Well And Wander

SWEET TREATS || Backyard Bowls

331 Motor Way

Refreshing acai bowls and smoothies if you are looking for a healthier treat! They also offer hot porridges if you decide to visit during the cooler months. Organic and nutritious, Backyard Bowls is a healthy and delicious fast meal option to start your day.

Photo // Backyard Bowls Website

Photo // Backyard Bowls Website

Santa Barbara has so much to offer for the traveler with many interests. We met a few travellers who visit Santa Barbara annually and I thought we might need to do the same. I couldn't get enough of this place and I sincerely hope we get to return soon!

Photos // Live Well And Wander

Photos // Live Well And Wander