TRAVEL SERIES || A Day In Munich
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Our vision is to take you on day trips to cities around the world. Featuring the best local hangouts so you can experience life like a local on your adventures. Join us for A Day In Munich.

If you are arriving during Ocktoberfest, you will be encountering more than 6 million other tourists and visitors in a city that usually houses 1.6 million people. However, if you chose a quieter time to visit like us - in January - then you will get to experience unique Bavarian ways in a quieter setting (although we guarantee the beer halls will always be busy).


Platzl 9, 80331 München

It's never too early to have a beer in Munich. 2 levels with the formal dine-in restaurant on the second floor, and a bustling beer hall on the first floor where locals and visitors alike stop by throughout the day. Ladies dressed in traditional Bavarian dress carry pretzels around the tables to go with your beer. It was 11AM in the morning when we popped in and it felt like it was an 11PM outing! Tables upon tables of guests were drinking beer and clinking glasses merrily. Hint: for those who prefer a lighter drink in the morning, opt for the Radler, a refreshing mix of beer and lemonade. 

DRINK AND PLAY || Karlsplatz Skating Rink and Glühwein

Karlsplatz, Munich

Thousands of twinkling lights.

If you happen to visit during the holiday season, Karlsplatz is where you will find thousands of twinkling festive lights, and a two floor open-air shop where they sell Glühwein, crepes and punch. Grab your treats and head up to the second floor that looks over the makeshift ice rink on the plaza, where families skate together.

Also located at Karlsplatz is the Karlstor gate, one of the three remaining gates of the wall the people of Munich built to protect themselves during the 30 Year War. It leads through to the vibrant Kaufinger shopping street. 


Schloß Nymphenburg 1, 80638 München

The jaw-dropping over height ceilings and elaborate detailing in Nymphenburg Palace.

While the Park Palaces are closed for the winter season, you are still able to venture through the parks and the beautiful baroque style Nypmhenburg Palace, feasting your eyes on the various extravagant creations in this ‘Castle of the Nymphs’. Commissioned by Prince Ferdinand Maria in 1664, the castle become the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria. Visit early in the morning so you are able to have the remainder of your day to see sights in the heart of Munich.

GATHER || Marienplatz (Mary’s Square)

If you happen to wander by around 11am or noon, you will notice throngs of bystanders gathered in this city plaza; they are all waiting for the Rathaus-Glockenspiel at the New Town Hall to put on a show. It chimes and re-enacts a jousting scene part of the royal wedding and another of the dancing barrel makers. 

New Town Hall.

Also located at Marienplatz is the old town hall, which had to be rebuilt after the war, which is why it looks newer than the new town hall. A gold statue of Mother Mary can be seen at the centre of Marienplatz celebrating the end of the 30 Years War.

Old Town Hall.

ARCHITECTURE || Church of Our Lady

Frauenplatz 12, Munich

One of the two iconic towers of the Church of Our Lady.

The most iconic church in the city, there is a law in the city that no building shall be taller than the two towers of the church, so that the people of Munich can always see these two landmarks. We happened to walk by when the organs were orchestrating a beautiful tune.

Other iconic churches to visit to view the different styles in which the churches were built include St. Peter’s Church, Asam Church and St. Michael’s Church.

EAT || Brasserie Colette

Klenzestraße 72, 80469 München

In a more local part of town (you can tell because prices are much lower compared to the touristy part of town), you will find various eateries and cafes where the locals gather on outdoor patios to smoke and enjoy coffee and cakes. 

Order the 3-course menu at Brasserie Colette and sit in their historic booths, where the chairs are taken from olden day trains for a rustic detail in the hip dining atmosphere. Read the full feature of our dining experience here.

The salmon appetizer is the perfect refreshing start to your meal, and the Confit is perfect for the meat lover, with its juicy meat and crunchy skin. Finish with the chocolate tart, where raspberry sorbet harmonizes with droplets of chocolate over a hearty chocolate cake.

After your visit, head down to the river, only a few minutes walk away to take in the beautiful scenery. If you wander far enough you will see the rolling landscapes of the beautiful English Gardens.


Sparkassenstrasse 6, 80331 Munich

If you’ve ever stopped by Germany, you know its famous for the pork knuckle (Schweinshaxe), and HAXBAUER is where everyone visits for the best one in Munich. The full pork knuckle is often times too much even for a dinner meal, so opt for the half pork knuckle and save some room for their apple strudel, which they pour alcohol on and light on fire to sear it at your table.

WANDER || Walking Tours

If you want to visit more sights and learn the history of the various buildings in old town, join one of the 2.5-3 hour free walking tours that commence in the afternoon with Sandman Tours. Our tour guide Veronika was funny and engaging and we were so glad we spent our Saturday afternoon wandering around town with her. After your walking tour you can then relax at one of the beer halls and enjoy a pork knuckle at one of our recommended spots. We hope you enjoy your stay in Munich!

Walls decorated with the 'graffito' style, which is the origin of wall graffiti.

Illuminated buildings maintain the festive vibe in the city past the holiday season.

Various Italian style architecture can be spotted in the city of Munich.