PLAZA PREMIUM LOUNGE || Elevating Your Travel and Airport Experience

PLAZA PREMIUM LOUNGE || Elevating Your Travel and Airport Experience

It was just the break of dawn as I arrived at YVR Vancouver Airport for my flight out to Toronto to attend Toronto International Film Festival. Luckily for me, I had access to the Plaza Premium Lounge in the domestic departures area where I could relax and grab breakfast prior to the four-hour flight out.  

Located just by gates B14 and B15, the Plaza Premium Lounge is a welcoming sight for the wearied traveler. A double-height lobby reaches up to the second floor of the spacious lounge, and a sophisticated reception area welcomes each guest to check them into the space. 


Designed for Comfort Without Compromise

Air travel and time spent in airports should not be just ‘killing time’, but as an opportunity to unplug and enjoy a unique hospitality experience, especially if you have access to a Plaza Premium Lounge.

Such as our visit to the Vancouver domestic lounge, where a beautiful under-lit central pillar is wrapped by an elegant spiral staircase leading upstairs to the lounge. Since I was carrying a carry-on and camera gear, I took the speedy elevator up to the second floor instead. The doors opened to a sports lounge area complete with a bar; if you wish to catch the latest sports game while on a layover, this is your spot. The corridor leading to the dining area houses 4 work stations, where business travelers can conveniently respond to emails. 

Healthy and tasty buffet to refuel during your travels.

The dining area is set up with intimate booth seating on one side and an open area on the other. Fresh juices, tea, coffee and more await at the buffet. It’s always refreshing to enjoy fresh fruit, yogurt, and piping hot eggs, French toast and bacon in between flights. It is said that while flying at 30,000 feet in the air, our taste buds are not as ‘alert’, meaning airplane food often overcompensates by loading on the sodium, resulting in bloating, thirstiness…the list goes on; which is why having the option to enjoy hearty, delicious food in the comfort of a private lounge like Plaza Premium Lounge is a desirable alternative.

In addition to food and entertainment, the lounge also features amenities travelers would appreciate, such as fully equipped showers. If you are on a layover in between long haul flights, then you will rejoice at the idea of being able to enjoy a shower at Plaza Premium Lounge, to wash off the smell of the airplane cabin before settling into one of the comfortable armchairs overlooking the first floor with a novel you picked up at the Relay shop. After a refreshing shower, you will want to curl up in one of the comfortable armchairs in a large seating area overlooking the ground floor as travelers hurry to their departure gates. 

Comfortable armchairs for you to relax in.

An international Network Spanning 30+ Major Airports

While some of us may have access to airport lounges through airline loyalty programs, these lounges may not have as big a network as Plaza Premium Lounge, which has been named Skytrax World’s Best Independent Airport Lounge for four consecutive years. Global travelers are able to enjoy the designed spaces and amenities at 30-plus major international airports around the world, where they can indulge in a delicious assortment of food and beverage, free Wi-Fi, showers, private resting suites and more to elevate their travel experience.  

The kitchen at the Mactan Cebu Domestic Arrivals Plaza Premium Lounge.

The dining area at the Mactan Cebu Domestic Arrivals Plaza Premium Lounge.

In addition to managing their own network of Plaza Premium Lounges around the world, the company also manages lounges for leading airlines, alliances and banks such as Singapore Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Star Alliance, American Express and many more. 

Plaza Premium Lounge Toronto T1-US Trans Border Lounge.

Traveling the world with Plaza Premium Lounge ensures you experience a 'comfortable stay' even in transit. Layovers at an airport do not have to be a stressful experience, and if you visit Plaza Premium Lounge, a revitalizing shower, hot cup of tea, hot French toast and healthy fresh fruits will become your standard travel experience from now on.

The best news? Plaza Premium Lounge is a pay-per-use service, giving you flexibility in planning your travel experience. Find out more by following this link.