TRAVEL SERIES || A Day On Granville Island
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Our vision is to take you on day trips to cities around the world. Featuring the best local hangouts so you can experience life like a local on your adventures. Join us for A Day On Granville Island.

BREAKFAST || Siegel's Bagels

1689 Johnston St, Vancouver

This is always the first place we head to at the start of our visit to Granville Island. It was our lucky day today since our favourite Rosemary Mary Rock Salt bagels were fresh out of the oven. The open-fire oven makes dozens of bagels in minutes, and our bagel went from the oven to our autumn-cooled fingers within minutes. We pair it with a tangy blueberry cream cheese, and head off on our ventures around the island.

Pendulum Magazine - Siegel's Bagels

CAFFEINE || Granville Island Tea Company

1689 Johnston St #117, Vancouver

The making of their signature Masala Chai

The making of their signature Masala Chai

We are avid tea drinkers, so Granville Island Tea Company's shop is always a stop for us to get a caffeine boost. The original Masala Chai is our top pick, topped with spices to give the drink its unique blend of flavours, it's perfect to accompany you on a cold day as you explore the various nooks around the island. You can also opt to add ginger or cayenne to your drink to give it an extra kick. You can also experience this unique drink over at Edible Canada, where you can enjoy a sit-down meal with a Masala Chai.

SHOP || The Net Loft

1650 Johnston St, Vancouver

Lovely postcards featured on the cozy racks at The Postcard Place.

Lovely postcards featured on the cozy racks at The Postcard Place.

There are two shops in The Net Loft we gravitate towards. Our Editors are big fans of thoughtful stationary, so The Postcard Place and Paper-Ya are must visit spots for us. The Postcard Place is filled with unique postcards with the ability to transport your mind to various places, offering ample inspiration for creative types. Paper-Ya houses notebooks, pens, stamps, creative greeting cards designed by local artists, and interesting trinkets you wouldn't find anywhere else. 

Pendulum Magazine Paper-Ya Granville Island

SHOP || Railspur Alley

A tree-lined alleyway housing creative talents such as Artisan Sake Maker, the first premium sake winery in Canada, Black Stone Press, Alder Bay Boat Company, and Peter Kiss' Art Gallery. If you feel like taking a break you've got cafe options along the alleyway or make a pit stop at Liberty Distillery for a pick me up. 

Pendulum Magazine Railspur Alley Granville Island

LUNCH || Sen Pad Thai

1666 Johnston St unit 7, Vancouver

Sen Pad Thai has replaced a longstanding cafe located in The Net Loft, and now a delicious aroma fills the food court area flanked by creative local artisan shops. Generous portions, thirst-quenching Thai Iced Teas, this is our recommended lunch spot!

Pendulum Magazine - Chef Angus An Sen Pad Thai Granville Island

ENTERTAIN || Granville Island Plazas

Walking around Granville Island, there are several performer areas where buskers are able to perform and showcase their talent. One is located outside of The Bread Affair, another is located outside the entryway to Sandbar Restaurant, one near the Aquabus docks, and lastly outside the eastern entrance to the Public Market. Enjoy a variety of performances throughout the day sitting in the sun, enjoying snacks and/or fruits from the Public Market.

A balancing act.

A balancing act.

SNACK || Granville Island Public Market

1666 Johnston St unit 7, Vancouver

Pendulum Magazine - Granville Island Public Market

You'll be in awe of the vast amount of choices you have for organic meats, fresh fish and poultry, cured meats and pastries. Our favourite stops are Benton Brothers Fine Cheese (for their quince paste and Manchego cheese pairings), Lemon Square (just a bite to satisfy our sweet tooth!), and Lee's Donuts (who care resist an original glazed?) Below are just a few of the many choices you can try. We promise you won't leave hungry!

Pendulum Magazine - The Lemon Square Granville Island

TRANSPORT || Aquabus

1333 Johnston St #230

Don't feel like sitting in traffic or searching for parking on a busy weekend? Take a leisurely ferry ride from downtown to Granville Island and land right at the heart of the action. The Aquabus makes several stops along the downtown seawall, ensuring a quick and easy commute. 

Pendulum Magazine - Aquabus Granville Island

WARM UP || The Stock Market

1689 Johnston St. Vancouver

As the sun sets and you've finished watching several performances around the island, grab a hot bowl of soup from The Stock Market, featuring soups made from scratch on a daily basis, it'll warm you to the core. We sat outside to enjoy a performance by a Portuguese singer on his guitar and drank the feature soup of the day, a hearty Italian Chicken Noodle soup. 

FLORALS || Our Little Flower Company (OLF)

Every time we walk by OLF we feel compelled to have our camera ready to take photos of the beautiful floral arrangements in the shop. Today was no exception. The delicate floral arrangements in glass jars above the cashier counter made for a beautiful capture, and the seasonal pumpkin floral arrangement caught our eye as well. This would be a great souvenir to bring home after a day at the market. 

Pendulum Magazine - Our Little Flower Company

BROOMS || Granville Island Broom Company

1406 Old Bridge St, Vancouver

We felt that we must mention the Granville Island Broom Company as it's of a rare breed. While we travel often throughout the year, we have yet to see another shop of its kind. Stop by and engage with the friendly staff to learn about the various types of brooms you could purchase, including a Marriage Broom, which is said to be able to bring good luck to a marriage. 

Pendulum Magazine - The Broom Company

CREATE || MAKE Vancouver

We love this creative space because of all the humorous items they produce and also for their ability to design and produce unique gifts. We had previously used their services to design a set of cushions for the home, and it has definitely given our sofa more character and meaning. Featuring products from local artists and fun-inspiring items for the home such as recycled shot glasses and books on memes, you will spend a decent amount of time browsing the curated collection of goods.

WANDER || Everywhere

There are many sights to take in around Granville Island, and it wasn't until we set our sights on doing a feature that we realized the breadth of retailers, shops, and restaurants gathered on the island. Aside from the notable shops and spots we mention above, feel free to explore the various green spaces, patios, boarded walkways surrounding the island. Enjoy the fresh air and the lovely people!

The Improve Theatre on Granville Island is a spot perfect for weekend entertainment. Gather a few friends or go with your spouse for a date night filled with laughs, courtesy of the talented improv artists on stage. 

Those with children will be grateful for the Kids Market, where their children will be entertained for hours, too busy to cause additional trouble.

Parents will find Vancouver's premier organic children's clothing at Parade, where there are plenty of choices for you to mull over.

With so many sights to see, you've got a full day ahead!

The perfect spot out in the sun to enjoy your meal and make new friends.

The perfect spot out in the sun to enjoy your meal and make new friends.