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Our vision is to take you on day trips to cities around the world. Featuring the best local hangouts so you can experience life like a local on your adventures. In collaboration with In Places City Guide, join us for A Day In Barcelona.

LUNCH || Gallito

Passeig del Marenostrum 19-21

One of our favourite stops for lunch, we drop by this place every time we are in Barcelona. We have three reasons for doing so. The first is the location – Gallito is situated on the beach, so sitting on the terrace provides a delightful view of the sea. The second is the modern Mediterranean decor, as the concrete space interacts perfectly with the natural wood furniture and the colourful cushions on the seats. The third and final reason is of course the food: the fresh fish, tapas and paella, complemented by the beautiful surroundings, taste absolutely delicious!

Pendulum Magazine - One Day In Barcelona Gallito
Photos || Olga Planas

Photos || Olga Planas


Passatge Sert 12

In our opinion, they serve the best coffee in town, with an aroma that entices passer-by off the streets. Nomad coffee began its life as a small stall in East London. But after returning to Barcelona, its founder – leading Spanish barista Jordi Mestre – fully dedicated himself to his passion and turned his new premises into a veritable coffee laboratory. In this beautiful, austere space you can discover the true art of brewing.

Photo //   © Keith Isaacs

Photo // © Keith Isaacs

SHOPPING || Nu Subates

Carrer dels Cotoners 14

You try returning from Barcelona without at least one new pair of shoes! It’s almost like returning barefoot. We have already divulged where to go for the cheapest and fanciest espadrilles. Now it’s time to find something unique and classy. This one is for the well-heeled. The shop, which combines grass green with raw brick and warm, noble woodwork, carries footwear by Cydwoq, a Californian firm founded in 1996. It is the brainchild of the consummate craftsman and shoe aficionado, Rai Balouzian. The pairs cobbled under his watchful gaze are all handmade out of only the choicest leather. It would be a sin not to try them on, at least.

Photo // In Places city guide

Photo // In Places city guide

SHOPPING || La Clinique

Carrer dels Mirallers 7

A true paradise for all four-eyes, hipsters and fans of ‘old-school design’. At last, the former will be able to see with their own eyes. Here they’ll find some of the most original, timeless and avant-garde spectacles around, including some unused limited edition vintage pince-nezs from the turn of the 20th century. As for the hipsters and old school fans, they will enjoy the sneakers – with unique classics like the 1982 Nike Echelon – as well as the vinyl records, unique perfumes and rare gadgets. This eclectic collection of artefacts from around the world was gathered by two young Frenchmen - Benito and Manolo – each endowed with highly refined taste.

Photo // In Places City Guide

Photo // In Places City Guide

ART || Caixa Forum

Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 6-8

A cultural centre in the modernist Casa Ramona, a former textile factory designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalcha. Overhauled in the 1990s with the largesse of Fundacio Caixa Forum, the building welcomes visitors with a main entrance designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki. An exciting art-filled space and also an incredible piece of architecture illustrating just how astutely art nouveau can combine functionality with aesthetics. Caixa Forum is all too often ignored by visitors to Barcelona. A shame, since it boasts one of the largest collections of contemporary art, with over 800 exhibits by various renowned artists.

Photo // In Places City Guide.   la maja vestida una de las majas en la que goya aborda la provocacion erotica a traves de la pintura para el gabinete reserv

Photo // In Places City Guide. la maja vestida una de las majas en la que goya aborda la provocacion erotica a traves de la pintura para el gabinete reserv

Photo // Wilson Centre For Photography - Tom Hunter

Photo // Wilson Centre For Photography - Tom Hunter

DINNER || Mano Rota

Carrer de la Creu dels Molers 4

We invite you on an extraordinary journey into the realm of contemporary Catalan cuisine, seasoned with Asian and South American flavours. Our guides will be Oswaldo Brito and Bernat Bermudo, two experts who enjoy some renown around these parts. You can choose from two approaches; the first is the tasting menu served at the bar, for anyone who likes surprises. Meanwhile, for those who prefer to decide for themselves, we recommend a seat at the table with their traditional menu. The yucca and Scamorza (an Italian cheese) croquettes, the cold cucumber soup with apples and cod, and the delicate beef cheeks with apples and dill deserve special attention. For dessert, you simply must try the pineapple with pear, coconut and fennel.

Pendulum Magazine - One Day in Barcelona - Mano Rota
Photo // In Places City Guide

Photo // In Places City Guide

TAPAS AND WINE || Bodega 1900

Carrer de Tamarit 91

Created by Albert Adrià, younger brother of Ferran, the renowned chef and owner of the legendary El Bull. Continuing the family tradition, Albert has successfully built his own gastronomic empire in Barcelona. All it takes to realise that his success is not fortuitous, is to simply go through Bodega’s green door. The first room looks like an exclusive delicatessen, where a selection of hams and salamis is proudly displayed on the white tile wall, and scrumptious snacks are prepared on the counter. These treats can all be washed down with a delicious glass of vermouth or cava. The second, slightly larger part of the premises is a restaurant where one can spend hours enjoying various specialties. The choice is extensive, with fish, seafood, and a wonderful selection of olives, hams, sardines and many other goodies.

Pendulum Magazine - One Day in Barcelona - Bodega 1900
Photo // In Places City Guide

Photo // In Places City Guide

DRINKS || Juanita Lalá

Plaça Pau Vila 1

Founded by two brothers from Argentina, Felipe and Federico. Their credo, "Food & Boom", caught on rapidly and Juanita Lalá became a favourite meeting place for young Barcelonians. Both during the day and in the evening, it’s ideal for a first date with tacos or delicious ceviches. While after sunset, when the kitchen is closed, some of the best DJs in town take over and the fun begins, continuing until dawn.

Photo // In Places City Guide

Photo // In Places City Guide

DRINKS || Bar Mutis

Carrer de Pau Claris 192

Bar Mutis is another carefully guarded Barcelona secret. This ‘old-school’ place belongs to the founder of Bar Mut. To get to the first floor of the building where the bar is located you need to know a member or, preferably, the owner himself. Therefore, the best tactic is to dine at Bar Mut and in the process, attempt to bewitch him with your charms. If this works, you’ll experience a night to remember. Behind the red velvet curtains and beneath the golden ceiling, among the antique furniture, you’ll get a real taste of Barcelonian decadence – like Woody Allen or Robert De Niro, who even wanted to open a branch of Mutis in NYC. After midnight there is live music on the tiny stage where jazz is king!

Pendulum Magazine - One Day in Barcelona - Bar Mutis
Photo // In Places City Guide

Photo // In Places City Guide

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