GRAFF || The King of Diamonds Arrives in Canada

The first-ever Graff pop-up shop has arrived in Toronto, available for purchase inside the Maison Birks store at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. 

The exquisite, curated collection of premium jewelry is available in Toronto at Yorkdale Shopping Centre only until November 11th, at which point it will be moved to the first-ever Graff boutique in Canada, located at 1046 West Georgia Street in Vancouver. 

Highlights from the Graff Butterfly collection.

Laurence Graff founded Graff OBE in London, starting out as an individual diamonds dealer, and progressed organically, albeit quickly, to the brand’s current-day success, with 60 boutique stores around the world. 

Known as the ‘King of Diamonds’, Graff is known to purchase only the most exquisite, and so far, some of the largest diamonds ever discovered. This includes The Magnificence (243.96 carats in 2008), , The Golden Empress (132.55 carats in 2015), and The Graff Venus (118.78 carats in 2016).

An exquisite design made of rare pink diamonds with detachable pendant.

Each single item from the Graff collection delivers 360-degree perfection. The jewelry pieces are designed to move with your body, to complement your every graceful gesture. Where most bracelets are too loose or too rigid in cuff form, Graff bracelets are designed to move with the wrist, with flexibility in every component of the piece. 

The necklaces have integrated clasps that double as design highlights, showcasing the premium craftsmanship and the brand’s attention to detail. The necklace from their Bow collection features a bow-shaped clasp, so that no matter from which angle you view the piece, it is a work of art. 

Graff also reverses the design process, whereas others release collections at set times throughout the year, the brand upholds their high standards, and release collections only when they come across magnificent raw ingredients in their own or partner mines. 

The design process is rigorous, as is the final approval, where a Graff family member will personally check and approve the quality of every piece before it is shared with the market. 

Disco Butterfly watch.

If you are searching for a piece that is as unique as you are, then you must pay the a visit to the Graff pop-up shop, where you can discover one-of-a-kind pieces like their (pink diamond necklace) and Disco Butterfly watch, with diamonds that flutter gracefully with each flick of your wrist. 

Discover the Graff brand for the first time in Canada before your chance is gone, visit the Maison Birks store at Yorkdale before November 11th!


3401 Dufferin St, North York (Yorkdale Shopping Centre)

(416) 782-6311