CHEROKEE TRAIL || An Inviting Dallas Residence Mixing Belgian and Scandinavian Influences

CHEROKEE TRAIL || An Inviting Dallas Residence Mixing Belgian and Scandinavian Influences

Cherokee Trail mixes the use of oak and steel in Belgian architecture with minimalistic Scandinavian furnishings to create light-filled, airy spaces.

Chad Dorsey Design had created Cherokee Trail for homeowners who are avid cooks, enjoy a busy schedule and love to host social gatherings for friends and family at home. Dorsey describes the residence as a collection of “inviting spaces to host friends who stop by for a glass of wine, and are also comfortable, easy and livable for an active family of 3 to feel at home.”

Natural light pouring into the living area.

The home features high-ceilings and simple furnishings.

Dorsey describes the spaces as flowing into one another, allowing for flexible seating and mingling for a seamless transition between each space. Every unique space in the home has its own set of windows attracting natural light, which also offers up sweeping views of the majestic, surrounding woodland.

A highly-functional kitchen with ample entertaining space.

The furnishings were thoughtfully considered to juxtapose against the stronger materials such as the steel and stone used in the architecture, to create a feeling of relaxed luxury. The chosen pieces all offer comfortable, hassle-free luxury.

Dorsey offers further insight into how he curated the pieces to accomplish an effortless look. “I wanted all the furniture to be unique and have a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind look. The elements include custom steel tables and mirrors, hand wrapped leather handrails, and custom seating that was inspired during a trip in Australia. The woods chosen are generally light, bleached woods that give a sense of airiness to the interiors. I then mixed in accents of steel and dark woods for contrast. The color palate is neutral using whites/grays/charcoals which are layered with vicuna and pops of chartreuse.

To create juxtaposition, I like to mix furniture pieces that are from different time periods for the furnishings. Some pieces are Mid Century finds from a Los Angeles buying trip that sinuously curve and have a more fun feel. Other, more modern pieces have a sharp, serious nature.”

Mixing in furniture pieces from different eras makes the home feel more ‘lived-in’ and welcoming, and we appreciate the different unique spaces Dorsey has created for each individual to find their own little hideaway to relax.

The hallway has a casual seating area with dramatic lighting fixture over top, where one can sit and unwind with their favorite read. There is also the enclosed patio, where comfortable armchairs invite you to settle in with a cup of hot tea or coffee, protected from the elements yet still able to appreciate its beauty through the glass.

The hall where a seating area beckons for you to take a seat.

The master bedroom adheres to the theme of relaxed, understated luxury, with its wood-planked ceiling, tall windows with heavy drapes, use of soft bedding and minimal use of pattern. The ensuite positions the deep soaker tub to look out over the gardens, with what looks to be a buttery-soft leather armchair that invites you to take your time in the bath and stay a while before and after a relaxing soak.

The master bedroom with ensuite pictured below.

When asked for his favorite highlight of the project, Dorsey says that it is the stairwell. An enclosed space with high windows, you can look at the sky and the trees as you walk through the space. He used a white Oak wall with a raw steel reveal to divid the upper and lower run of the stairs. A closer look will reveal the attention to detail in the handrail design, which is custom made steel, where a local artisan hand stitched the handrail on site. Dorsey says that the attention to detail “sets the tone and value for the entire architectural direction of the home.”

Cherokee Trail is thoughtfully designed and carefully executed to create an easy-living space for a small family, with gathering spaces that encourage the family to come together and private spaces that allow each individual to unwind with secluded privacy. It successfully delivers on the social needs of a living space with everything in balance.

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Photos courtesy of Chad Dorsey Design.