FARMER J || From Coffee to Cocktails

Inspired by the food and architecture of Tel Aviv in Isreal, Farmer J uses evocative colours and textures to embrace Founder Jonathan Recanti’s Israeli background. 

Farmer J restaurant is a new venue designed for dine-in and on-the-go customers in the heart of London, United Kingdom. Catering to the bustling lifestyle of individuals in the neighbourhood, the full-service restaurant transforms from a cafe serving coffee and healthy lunches during the day to a warm and welcoming cocktail bar in the evening.

Australian design studio Biasol was commissioned for the project, given their strong hospitality experience in the all-day-trade environment. Drawing inspiration from Founder Jonathan Recanati’s Israeli background, Biasol designed a modern space that brings out the essence of Tel Aviv by piecing together carefully selected materials, colours and textures. Witty slogans such as “We give a fork” and “forkin’ good food” integrated throughout the interior and exterior creates a fun and inviting vibe, adding to the consumer brand experience.


Upon entry, customers are greeted by a hand-rendered concrete wall reminiscent of a monochromatic water colour painting. Vibrant floor plants pop against the muted walls while hanging pothos drape from ceiling shelves. Glossy, pale green tiles add texture and contrasting details to the matte concrete wall while creating spatial separation within the restaurant. “Materiality is used to create differing levels of intimacy depending on the service. A lighter material palette for the food bar entices day customers, while darker tones for the drink bar sets a cosier mood and scene for the night service.” explained Biasol.


The seating area is arranged around a timber counter where takeaway breakfast, lunch and coffee are prepared. On the other side of the room opposite the counter, guests can enjoy handcrafted cocktails at the curved bar clad in pale green tiles. “The space effortlessly transitions from morning to night, weekday to weekend and coffee to cocktail,” said Biasol.

In the back of the restaurant, a timber arch frames a dining alcove with the Farmer J motto: “Do what comes natural” in neon lights, enforcing their free-spirited brand philosophy.

Inviting bar inside Farmer J.

Inviting bar inside Farmer J.

Neon light restaurant slogan

Neon light restaurant slogan

Casual bar seatings perfect for a casual sit-down lunch break

Casual bar seatings perfect for a casual sit-down lunch break

Guests can choose from the variety of seatings throughout the restaurant depending on the nature of their visit: counter, window and communal tables offer casual seating perfect for a mid-day lunch break, while booth and banquette provides large and small groups with more intimacy and warmth.

By merging the concept of grab—and—go with a full-service restaurant, together with Farmer J, we redefined the perception of fast casual dining, elevating the experience and brand.” - Biasol Design Studio


Whatever the occasion may be, Farmer J proves to be the destination for bustling city workers looking for a grab-and-go cup of coffee or affordable healthy meals for a quick time-out to relax and rejuvenate.

Project Details

Name of the project:

Farmer J King William Street

24-32 King William Street, London EC4R 9AJ, United Kingdom

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Design Studio: Biasol

Photos by: Focal Interior Photography