HOTEL SERIES || Vintage House Yountville Napa Valley

At the centre of the small idyllic town of Yountville, you will find the beautifully landscaped Vintage House boutique hotel. 

Driving through the main strip of Yountville, you will be in awe of the unique restaurant storefronts, the perfectly manicured lawns, and what appears to be freshly-paved roads void of potholes.

As we pulled up to Vintage House's front lawn, the clean white brick exterior reminded us of a modern country home - spacious, airy, with elegant brass decor elements. The reception desk is clad in marble, against a navy blue and brushed, light wooden details in the background, creating a modern nautical colour palette with its mix of textures.

The reception area is comfortably decorated with plush sofas and chairs, while the floor-to-ceiling windows draw in natural light. Past the lobby into the gardens, ample patio seating lead the way to the pool, lined with reclining tanning chairs and cabanas. 

Other amenities include a breakfast pavilion, where guests can enjoy a yogurt parfait by the outdoor fireplaces or in the breezy shadows of the trees. A fitness facility is also available for those who seek to maintain their workout routine while on vacation. 

The boutique hotel grounds is comprised of numerous two-floor complexes, each housing spacious suites with sun-drenched balconies. Fortunately for us, our suite overlooked the vineyard across the road, with a relaxing hanging chair where one can sit for hours basking in the sun. 

Balcony with a view of the rolling hills and nearby vineyard in the distance.

Vintage House is the perfect destination for those looking for an oasis-like getaway to rejuvenate their busy lives. A few days in the area with wine tasting storefronts lining the main street and great food just steps away provides an unparalleled foodie heaven and much-needed time to recharge.

After all, who can say no to lush, green rolling hills, clear blue skies and fantastic culinary experiences?