HOTEL ZED || New-Age Boutique Hotel Adds Fun and Funk

How about a Disco Selfie Bar?

Come again?

Or a vintage typewriter station with Hotel Zed branded funky stationary for you to play author?

Say what?

Vintage typewriter station in the lobby with branded Hotel Zed paper.

Put on a vinyl record on the bubblegum pink record player and relax in one of the 70's purple armchairs and close your eyes.

Vinyl station.

This is the new-age resort-style boutique hotel the visionary owner of Hotel Zed created. Mandy Farmer wanted to create a fun place for people to stay, where they would actually WANT to stay. Just the bright and vibrant exterior of the hotel brings a smile to our faces. When was the last time you looked at energetic, punchy colors and felt something other than pure joy?

Large-scale mural on the side of the property.

This is the second Hotel Zed for Mandy Farmer, the first one being in Victoria, BC. This second venture showcases the maturity of the concept, and the fun, resort-for-everyone vision is evident in every element. 

The color-block corridors, large-scale wall mural, and distinctive, colorful, passageways remind guests to relax and enjoy their stay. 

Fun experiences on site, such as the Ping Pong Lounge, Disco Selfie Lounge, and outdoor pool with a giant floating swan all invite you to forget the responsibilities of 'adulting'. The premises also incorporates plenty of reflective spaces, where one could find their zen and zone out for hours on end. Whether it's the second floor patio overlooking the pool, rooftop patio overlooking the well-groomed gardens in the City Park, or simply hanging out in the bird's nest hanging chairs outside your guestroom, you can choose to spend hours socializing or meditating - the choice is yours. These are all reasons why Hotel Zed in Kelowna is fast becoming known as one of the top funky hotels in BC and beyond. 

Outdoor swimming pool.

Adorable Volkswagen van outside the lobby.

Retro lounge in the lobby.

Inside the Ping Pong Lounge.

A light fixture with graffiti print.

Sit down with one of the colouring books to find your zen.

Hanging chairs on the balconies outside the guest rooms.

Rooftop patio overlooking City Park.

Colourful passageways.

The rooms are similarly like a vibrant painting, with patterned, purple curtains, multi-coloured carpets arranged in a tiled pattern, and furniture in bright pink and green. It reminds me of all the picture books from my childhood, only now the furniture is adult-size. 

Other items in the room urge you to bring out the child in you, from an Avengers comic book on the desk, to the Hotel Zed yo-yo, and a retro-style, circular phone in baby blue. The entire vacation experience at Hotel Zed aims to take your mind somewhere else, and it succeeds with its many thoughtful and engaging experiences on site. 

Hotel Zed delivers the real purpose of visiting a “resort”; it makes you forget about work, and engages you in “play” - after all, you are on vacation right? 


1627 Abbott St, Kelowna, BC