JOTO TEAHOUSE || An Aromatic Hideaway in Hanoi

"We wish to make tea more interesting by creating a space where patrons can feel comfortable, relaxed and inspired" - Le House Studio. 

Whether you are in the mood for a cup of aromatic tea, or to spend an afternoon reading a great book, Joto Teahouse provides a cozy and modern hideaway from the bustling streets of Hanoi. Designed by Vietnamese architecture and interior design studio Le House, the team is no stranger to creating some of the country's most stylish restaurants and cafes, including the popular An’Garden Cafe.

For Joto Teahouse, the idea was to create an environment where patrons can enjoy their surroundings over a cup of tea, taking a moment to pause from their busy lives to appreciate the finer details. The owner wanted the cafe to reflect the quality of a fine cup of tea - only through careful examination and savouring will you discover and come to appreciate its complexity.


The teahouse’s design highlight is the visually impactful ceiling. Structural wood beams forming hundreds of hollow 3-dimensional cubes flow through the length of the ceiling in varying heights, creating a unique landscape atop, drawing the eyes upward. To ensure wood remains in the spotlight, Le house created a cool backdrop with minimal distraction to contrast against the warm tones of the wood. 


Looking down, stained glass inspired floor tiles hide subtle details that add a hint of colour and playfulness to the shop without deviating from the cool colour scheme. Large floor-to-ceiling windows give patrons a full view of the greeneries outside while enjoying a cup of tea. The windows also allow for plenty of natural light during the day, bringing a sense of openness to the space.

Sun pouring into the storefront at Joto Teahouse in Hanoi.

Sun pouring into the storefront at Joto Teahouse in Hanoi.


Minimal white counters covered in tiles is another design feature that accentuates Le House’s attention to detail. The counter, customized with a slanted surface and 24 hole indents, give customers a full view of the tealeaf selection while lining up, giving customers the freedom to pick up and sample the various scents. 

The structured cubes design on the ceiling flows seamlessly onto the back counter wall, transforming into functional shelves that hold tea cans and various decorative accents in an organized manner. 

Various tea brewing mechanisms line the counter of Joto Teahouse

Various tea brewing mechanisms line the counter of Joto Teahouse

Tea and coffee enthusiasts will be happy to find fully digitalized tea brewing gadgets, including the high-end Alpha Dominche lining the bar counter, using the precision of computers to create consistently balanced brews.

Le House has long been known for leaving traces of their brand by incorporating their signature “Gable house” design into their projects. In the case of Joto Teahouse, the gable house shape is apparent on the recessed wall, creating the cozy nook seating along the shop's back wall.

One of our favourite elements, however, is the narrow storage room tucked into the back corner of the teashop. The ascending, diagonal roof creates a half gable shape when viewed from the front of the shop, contrasting against the black door and window forms, creating a visually impactful full gable. 


As you admire the splendid interior, don't forget to try the numerous snack options Joto Teahouse has thoughtfully designed to pair with their exquisite selection of aromatic teas.

To learn more about Le House's work, visit their website here.


Joto Teahouse

38B Phan Boi Chau | Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

+84 98 665 96 20