BAR TORÖ ||  Vibrant Bar that Echoes Life on Ibiza

Looking for a lively hangout where you can eat, drink and dance your worries away? Your search ends here at Bar TORÖ.

From the walls clad with vibrant complimentary-coloured tiles, to bright neon lights with the Spanish quote “Eat, drink and dance, because the world is going to end”, Bar TORÖ embodies the free-spirited lifestyle and frenzied club culture on the island of Ibiza, Spain. The space is designed by Ibiza’s very own Masquespacio, an award-winning interior design and branding studio known for their innovative approach to evoke the individuality and uniqueness of the brand through interior designs.

The 200 meter-squared Bar TORÖ boasts a playful array of eye-catching elements that invite passersby to join in on the fun: an inviting, plant-filled outdoor dining terrace where guests can bask in the sun, or the eclectic interior lined with tall bar tables beckoning guests to join for a cool pitcher of beer. Located by the edge of the sea, guests from both indoor and outdoor have a partial view of the ocean, adding to the laid-back, Mediterranean vibe of life on Ibiza.

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To give the establishment its distinct characteristic, Masquespacio incorporated three primary colours into the design including blue purple, mustard yellow and turquoise blue. A colour blocking approach is used to create a visually impactful interior and exterior, drawing the eyes of curious tourists outside the establishment. Upon entry, guests are welcomed by cheerful, glossy, yellow clad tile walls popping against the juxtaposed blue-purple on all four sides.

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A long cocktail and drink bar allows multiple guests to order their drinks simultaneously, while a separate section is designed for food orders. The interior is designed to integrate the three main purposes of the establishment: to watch sports, drink beer or enjoy a quick bite. This is done with areas incorporating high and low benches, as well as a cozy corner section against the back wall to accommodate larger groups. The elevated high benches increase the amount of seating options with a sea view, making it a popular option for daytime guests. Hand-woven rattan stools coupled with large tropical plants and hanging greens instantly switch on vacation mode for tourists looking for a good time.

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The outdoor dining terrace at Bar TORÖ.

The outdoor dining terrace at Bar TORÖ.

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Another design feature is the integration of bamboo on the main walls and columns from the terrace, laid in an organized, repeated pattern. The bamboo material is used to pay tribute to the island’s heritage, being a commonly referenced material when one thinks about the beautiful islands of Balearics.

The lively Bar TORÖ perfectly captures the carefree and laidback lifestyle of travellers that frequent the island for its vibrant music festivals and luxurious resort living. If you are to ever find yourself in Ibiza looking for a place to relax with a cold jug of beer, don’t forget to lookout for the bright yellow walls of Bar TORÖ.

Interior Design: Masquespacio

Photography: Luis Beltran