CELEBRITY EDGE || Glamorous Living on the Sea

Who knew travelling on the ocean can be so glamorous?

From intricate screen details that shimmer like jewellery as they glint in the light, to the grand chandelier that changes with the daylight, a vacation on the Celebrity Edge Luxury Cruise will be unlike any other you have ever experienced. Imagine spending your days lounging at the private veranda with a panoramic view of the ocean, your evenings enjoying Michelin-level dining at one of the four themed restaurants on the cruise, and ending the day at the Grand Plaza with a hand-shaken cocktail and live performances - this luxury cruise ship is designed to bring the celebrity lifestyle to everyone.

Celebrity Edge is the first luxury cruise ship project designed by Parisan spacial design studio Jouin Manku. Specialized in creating spaces that evoke emotions, Jouin Manku uses a dynamic process that fuse product design, architecture, interior design, traditional craft and cutting-edge technology to create an immersive experience for the 1,004 feet long Celebrity Edge that accommodates 2,918 guests with over 14 passenger decks.

Designer Sanjit Manku and Patrick Jouin were inspired by the glamour and adventure of the pre-war era of travel. To ensure they capture the magic and aura of that era, they begin each project with an emotional choreography to determine how they want an individual to feel at each particular moment as they move through a space. Only once the emotions for each space is determined, will the interior design process begin, where every material, colour, texture, lighting and furniture chosen plays a role in evoking the desired emotion.

On board the ship is The Grand Plaza, the Main Dining Atriums, and the connecting circulation spaces. To create meaningful designs, Jouin Manku decided to bring attention to the craft of the shipbuilders and welders who constructed the Celebrity Edge by highlighting structural forms that are otherwise hidden in a traditional cruise ship interior.

The centrepiece chandelier design in the cruise’s Grand Plaza.

The centrepiece chandelier design in the cruise’s Grand Plaza.

The contemporary, large-scale chandelier in The Grand Plaza welcomes guests in the bustling lounge-hall where you can relax from day to night with hand-shaken cocktails available 24 hours a day. Manku and Jouin’s goal for The Main Plaza is to create a comfortable, warm, and welcoming space that offers guests a spectacular view of the glamorous design details throughout. Surrounded by cafes and restaurants, The Grand Plaza is the pulse of the ship filled with energy day and night.

At the centre of The Grand Plaza is a round cocktail bar that aligns with the circular chandelier atop, a design that encourages guests to mingle and meet new friends. The chandelier is designed to transform during the course of the day, setting the mood for guests based on their varying activities. During the daytime, the dormant chandelier is a sculptural centrepiece that glimmers with natural daylight. As the sun goes down, an orange glow radiates from chandelier, creating a warm and inviting setting. Later at night, the warm glow will transform into a pulsing light, dancing and entertaining into the night.

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“Every project is an individual dream, a new experience brought to life. As the first guests board Celebrity Edge, we hope that they will be captivated by how they feel in the spaces that we have created – and charmed by the magic of travelling by sea.” - Sanjit Manku and Patrick Jouin

The Grand Plaza, being the most visited common space on the ship, incorporates an array of creative elements throughout where passersby can slow down and appreciate their surrounding. Three large screens are set in the central lounge, offering tantalizing glimpses as guests walk by. The repeating screens in metal, leather and fabric are designed in collaboration with architectural embroidery specialists, Studio MTX. The small flaps in various textures and angles glint in the light like hundreds of jewels as you move through the common space.

Metal, leather and fabric makes up the intricate screens in the ship’s Grand Plaza.

Metal, leather and fabric makes up the intricate screens in the ship’s Grand Plaza.


Throughout the circulation spaces, Jouin Manku avoids the use of perpendicular angles to remind guests that they are in a vessel shaped by the forces of nature. The fluidity adds to the unique character of the space, making it modern, sleek and approachable.

The Main Dining Atrium is a triple-height space connecting five themed restaurants across three levels. Fluid white staircases entice guests to follow its pathway upwards to explore level by level. The curvaceous lines create a sense of movement within the space, guiding guests as if in a dance.

A brass pendulum descending through the space takes centre stage in the atrium, contrasting against a canvas of white staircases. The installation reminds us of the wonder of ancient navigational tools that served seafarers for centuries before the advent of satellite navigation. It also acts as a reminder to guests that they are afloat, even when movement cannot be felt.

The magnificent Celebrity Edge Cruise officially set sail last December 9th from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their innovative design offers the luxury and comfort of a boutique hotel and brings a whole new meaning to glamorous living on the sea.

To learn more about how you can book a vacation with Celebrity Cruise, visit www.celebritycruises.com.

Jouin Manku

Jouin Manku is a Parisian spatial design studio, led by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku. With each project the studio creates a unique experience, shaping every aspect of a space through a dynamic process that fuses product design, architecture, interior design, traditional craft and cutting-edge technology.

Visit www.jouinmanku.com to learn more.

Photos courtesy of Jouin Manku Design Studio.