LO SERENO || No Frills Vacation Stay in Casa de Playa, Mexico

Not all beaches are created equal, nor are all boutique hotels the same.

Troncones, 30 minutes from Zihuatanejo international airport, is a quiet town, nestled between the mountains and the ocean, with world class surfing and incredible pacific ocean landscape.

Taking a timeout during the maelstrom of everyday life to listen to the wind whispering between the palm trees and the sound of waves breaking on an almost virgin beach, with nothing and nobody around to interrupt—that’s one of the ways to enjoy Troncones, a place that allows you to rediscover the pleasure of no-frills leisure.

Photo by @chrisandman

Lo Sereno, member of Design Hotels™, presents a sensual and sophisticated approach to barefoot elegance. The ten-suite hotel exists in a balance of romance and adventure, including a gourmet Mexican concept kitchen, sourcing local fresh ingredients daily.

The architectural project, led by Jorge González Parcero, used the Mexican sculptural tradition as a reference and made the most of the richness provided by tropical woods and other local materials. The result is a structure with character, comprising 10 suites with terrace, an infinity pool with an ocean view and a covered terrace with an artisanally crafted pergola.

The bar and dining area are open-air and encapsulated by the hotel’s glittering black infinity pool. At Lo Sereno you can enjoy cocktails and beverages either at the dining area, in the lounge, or on the beach. Lo Sereno provides all the amenities a modern traveler may desire, curating brands worldwide for an all-sensory experience. One visit to Lo Sereno and you will always have a home to return to on the beach.

Travelers who appreciate bespoke service and superior standards recognize the unique value of cuisine. That’s why Lo Sereno’s culinary offerings are created for gourmet pleasure-seekers and prepared using local products and fresh ingredients. La Terraza, the outdoor restaurant, offers an ideal setting to enjoy its gastronomic offer, as well as their hallmark pairing suggestions and mixology, which are perfectly represented by their flagship cocktail, Lo Sereno, which combines vodka, citrus, and a dash of basil.

Allow the minutes and hours to pass as you sip on cooling cocktails at the bar; absorb the energy of the sun rays on the comfortable poolside recliners under the gentle breeze of the swaying tropical trees. In the sun or in the shade, a stay at Lo Sereno gets you closer than ever to total relaxation.

Following a day out horseback riding or paddle boarding out on the water, slowly make your way back to your room under the canopy of lush greenery and florals, where you can cozy up with your favourite book and a hot cup of coffee under the covers.

Photo: Vanessa Fuentes and Nada Lottermann

If you have been searching for a getaway to help regain your center, Lo Sereno whisks you away from all your daily stressors, into the realm of absolute quiet save for nature’s beautiful sounds; fall asleep to the gentle waves breaking onto shore and wake up to the gentle morning calls of the wildlife in the area. In an environment of calm where one can take the time to breathe, the sun sets with an elevated level of beauty we didn’t have time to notice before in our busy daily lives.