Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers || An Elevated Parisian Stay

Hôtel National des Arts & Métiers is a place where you can experience bespoke Parisian living.

Situated at the crossroads of the neighbourhoods of Montorgueil and Le Haut Marais, the Hôtel National des Arts & Métiers is the latest hotel from Clé Group, which also owns the Hôtel Bachaumont. It makes a bold statement with its timeless design and innovative expression of the Parisian lifestyle through thoughtful culinary and hospitality experiences. This awe-inspiring architectural endeavour was made possible by the combined and complementary expertise of designer Raphael Navot and architect-engineer Daniel Vaniche, head of the DVVD agency.

The lobby featuring a retractable roof.

The atmospheres in each space have been developed using carefully chosen materials that deliver a natural shade all of their own. The colours are not added on but are provided by the very essence of the material used: cut Paris stone for the lobby, oxidised copper tubes acting as cladding for the walls in La Cicchetteria, natural coatings in the corridors, terrazzo for the bathrooms, heat-blackened steel for the bookshelves, burnt wood for the bar counter... The sheets are the only white element in the whole design scheme.

Stairs to the gallery.

For here again, the furniture and the materials used have been carefully picked or even exclusively created: vintage Tatra chairs for the restaurant, timber table tops, concrete legs, washed velvet sofas, suede curtains... while every shape conveys a sense of timelessness.

The décor features an impressive catalogue of contributions by the top craftspeople and creatives in their field: Oscar Ono and Cassou for the woodwork; Rue Herold for the linen, Rubelli for the velvet; Signature Murale for the wall coatings; Moroso and Sol & Luna for selected items of furniture... Or Patrimoine Pierre de Taille for the remarkable pillars in the lobby, as well as Pierre & Granite for the marble floors (lobby) and the “sculpted” staircase leading to the gallery, and Kali Vermes for her plant arrangements in all areas of the hotel.


Where other hotel restaurants seem to be designed as an afterthought, the culinary spaces at the Hôtel National des Arts & Métier have been meticulously planned, bringing together an expert trio with an extensive and recognized knowledge to highlight the best of Italian cuisine, Clé Group called upon the expertise of three key players on the Parisian restaurant scene: Julien Cohen (Pizza Chic, Grazie, Il Professore, etc.) and the duo formed by Jean-Pierre Lopes and Thomas Delafon (Le Très Honoré, Bambou, La Plage Parisienne).

The trio all knew how to set the tone for the dining scene, so much so that the restaurants and bar have become destinations in themselves.


On the hotel patio, Le Ristorante National is nestled under a retractable roof, inviting a flood of natural light into the interiors that is at once modern yet inviting, with its flowing walls reminiscent of comforting watercolour paintings. Plus velvet seating paired with modern wooden furniture instills a sense of calm into the space. Lush greenery act to sectionalize the restaurant into more intimate spaces to encourage conversation.


The L’Herbarium offers the comfort of fifteen or so seats in the bar and around thirty seats in the lounge next door, and serves a drinks list put together by Oscar Quagliarini. Here, guests could savour the creations by this talented head barman, with each drink delivering a memorable olfactory gustative identity, designed to awaken all the senses.

At the rooftop of the hotel hides the ultimate taste destination - Le bar sur le Toit. This panoramic viewpoint over the capital is only accessible to a privileged thirty or so guests with advanced reservations to enjoy the luxurious view over the rooftops of Paris.


Asides from its immersive dining spaces, the hotel welcome visitors from near and far with its unique accommodations. The 66 rooms within Hôtel National des Arts & Métiers are comprised of ten different room types, from Double Rooms to spacious Studios and iconic Penthouses that recreate the atmosphere of a Parisian apartment. The master bedroom in the Penthouse overlooks the courtyard and houses a TV lounge, double living rooms (sitting area with fireplace and dining room), fitted kitchen, ten-square-metre terrace and a viewpoint overlooking the public square and inner courtyard.

View from the Penthouse.

Each of their rooms have their own orientation, to give each space its own bespoke look and feel. The room interiors feature a most daring combination of materials that really carve out the room volumes: a concrete panel wall at the head of the bed, which itself is covered in elegant printed fabric, solid oak parquet in a herringbone pattern, lighting from a lamp moulded directly into the wall, electric connected devices made of Bakelite, or shelves and storages made in situ from heat-blackened steel.

The bathrooms have been completely covered in terrazzo (mainly white or anthracite grey) and feature a black granite washbasin on a steel stand as well as taps with a matte black finish. 

Contrasted against the historic facade of the building, the contemporary interiors seemingly whisk you away to a modern era once you enter the premises. Rather than staying in a traditional hotel on your next getaway to Paris, complete your travel itinerary with a stay at Hôtel National des Arts & Métiers, where you fill find yourself wanting to spend more time on premises to discover all the hotel has to offer.