CASA XIXIM || Stunning Eco-luxe Resort in Tulum

Nestled in the secluded Soliman Bay in Tulum, Mexico, the net-neutral Casa Xixim Resort will give environmentally conscious travellers peace of mind.

Casa Xixim is an eco-luxe, grid-tied, and carbon neutral house that works in harmony with its surroundings. With global climate change in the International spotlight, Casa Xixim was designed to alleviate environmental stress and provide a luxurious resort experience to guests at the same time. The eco-resort was designed by Austin-based architect, Scott Specht, and was strategically positioned to face the protected Soliman Bay in Tulum. During the day, guests can immerse in the rich and luscious environment at the outdoor or semi-outdoor lounging spaces to enjoy the warm ocean breeze.

To create an operating, carbon-free resort, the design team integrated a series of sustainable designs to create a fully-sufficient building. The house is powered by a photovoltaic canopy which shades a large rooftop terrace; the same terrace collects rainwater that is then filtered and stored for use. Other parts of the roof house native plants, which acts as natural insulation and screening from the heat. All waste from the resort is processed through a digester and artificial wetlands system, integrating back into the nature as compost.

Casa Xixim Tulum Mexico by Specht Architects ft Pendulum Magazine

As you traverse through the property, a narrow path will lead visitors through dense vegetation and into a large living/ dining/ kitchen space that opens to the beach and beyond. There are a total of four bedrooms in the house, located above and adjacent to the living space. Large openings from both sides of the living area connect guests to the beautiful natural surroundings, and maximizes views of the beach from within. This design also draws prevailing winds to flow through the interior, creating a natural draft to cool guests down from the heat.

The resort also provides chef service from Monday to Saturday, freeing vacation-goers from any obligations to prep their own meals. The private chef service also allows more flexibility for guests to create their own custom meals.

Casa Xixim Tulum Mexico by Specht Architects ft Pendulum Magazine
Casa Xixim Tulum Mexico by Specht Architects ft Pendulum Magazine

The spacious upper-level bedrooms also share a similar design that maximizes views of the deep blue ocean. An abundance of neutral materials like honey-coloured wood are used to create an organic and tranquil environment. Furniture and decorative accents are kept to a minimum, with every item in the house serving a purpose. Guests are provided with everything they need within, and the pared down interior design accentuates the glorious natural environment.

Included in the restrooms are locally made, eco-friendly shampoos, conditioners and soaps that adhere to the eco-conscious values of the resort. Many of the items provided for guest-use can also be purchased as souvenirs, such as the Tuft & Needle mattresses, and luxurious Frette bed linens and towels.

Casa Xixim Tulum Mexico by Specht Architects ft Pendulum Magazine

To encourage guests to further immerse and interact with the outdoors, the resort provides rentals such as kayaks, snorkel gears, hammocks, as well as lounging chairs and sun umbrellas for the beach. Families with younger kids can also take advantage of the games, books, and beach toys provided.

Sustainable features of the Casa Xixim Resort

Sustainable features of the Casa Xixim Resort

Casa Xixim is the optimal destination for environmentally-conscious individuals looking for a relaxing vacation in Tulum, Mexico. We are excited to see an increase in sustainable strategies implemented in high-end resorts and renowned architecture from around the globe, and we cannot wait to find more projects like Casa Xixim to share with our readers.

Project Details

Architecture and Interior Design: Scott Specht from Specht Architects

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Photography by: Taggart Sorensen