Chelsea C

ASIAN FLUSH || Sakura Cocktail Recipe

Chelsea C
ASIAN FLUSH || Sakura Cocktail Recipe
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,
In fields, mountains and villages
As far as the eye can see.
- Sakura Sakura, traditional Japanese folk song

In celebration of Spring, we created a spring-themed cocktail, featuring cherry blossoms in a unique way. This drink is easy to make, and does not require a professional bartending kit. A simple measuring cup, a spoon and a pair of chopsticks for stirring is all you need.


  • gin

  • grenadine

  • oranges

  • strawberry

  • orange juice

  • cranberry juice

  • pomegranate juice

  • cherry blossoms

We recommend using a container with a sealable lid. Start by adding ice, strawberry and 1 oz of gin to your mixing cup. Give the mixture a slight stir. Next, pour in a small amount of orange, cranberry and pomegranate juice. Close your container and shake the mixture vigorously – this is the best time to show off your bartending skills!

As a seasonal decorative detail, we picked fresh cherry blossom buds and froze them into our ice cubes. Perch the pretty floral cube on top of a bed of ice before pouring your cocktail mixture into the cup. For additional colour, you can line strawberries on the bottom of your glass.