MATCHSTICK CAFE || Sunday Gathering Place

It was just past 1PM when we arrived and parked our car on the side street. Since the restaurants have yet to open at the quiet intersection of Fraser Street and 15th Avenue, we slowly made our way in the warm sunlight onto the treelined street. To our surprise, the community had already gathered here and Matchstick Cafe was uncharacteristically busy for an early Sunday afternoon. 

Pendulum Magazine Matchstick Cafe

Nestled amongst other creative shops including Harlow Atelier, Spool of Thread Sewing Lounge and The Bloom Room florist, Matchstick Cafe was alive with conversation. The outdoor seating area was filled despite the cool autumn temperature, and the welcoming aroma of coffee filled our senses as we stepped through the door.

We love the interior decoration details, with greenery lining the shelves, a wooden communal table to encourage new friends and conversation, and a bar where we could watch our drinks being prepared. 

Pendulum Magazine Matchstick Cafe

Numerous Apple laptops lined the communal table, and friends also appeared to be colleagues, working away in this coffee-shop-turned-workspace. It's evident the visitors are regulars, as they moved around the space with comfort, some leaning against the wall chatting away with their friends. Loyal companions were leased outside the coffee shop, patiently waiting for their owners in the shade. 

Pendulum Magazine Matchstick Cafe

We ordered their seasonal Iced Horchata Latte as we observed the interesting community gathered at the cafe, taking in the friendly west coast vibes. As we sipped on our iced Horchata Lattes, which were delicious, we made our way to the neighbouring shops, and made a note to return to try out their hot menu items, which includes sandwiches, toasts, and soups. We recommend ordering one of their specialty brews and enjoying the sunshine at one of the outdoor seats, a pleasant way to spend your time on a Sunday morning. 

Pendulum Magazine Iced Horchata Latte Matchstick Cafe