AFTERNOON HANGOUTS || Fresh Press Coffee Bar

After a busy work week, I needed some quiet time to reflect and relax, and where better than at a cozy coffee shop rumoured to have the best tea latte in Richmond? 

Fresh Press Coffee Bar Richmond X Pendulum Magazine

As an avid tea drinker I am always on the lookout for creative tea lattes and Fresh Press Coffee Bar did not disappoint. Questa, the Founder of the coffee shop is friendly and talkative, and knows the customers by name. Instead of a “how can I help you today?”, she knows her clients by first name and asks them for an update on how their life is going. 

I asked her for a recommendation on what pastries I should try, and she lets me know that the butter shortbread cookies are amazing, the croissants are from half-baked (meaning they receive the dough and then finish off the baking in-house) from Cadeaux Bakery, and the waffles are from Damien's Belgian Waffle Factory in Steveston.

Delicious selection of treats.

The larger cookies also looked delicious but I had just finished a late lunch so opted for a trio of the mini shortbread cookies in matcha, hazelnut and cardamom.

Left to right: Cardamom + Ginger, Hazelnut, Matcha shortbread cookies.

Left to right: Cardamom + Ginger, Hazelnut, Matcha shortbread cookies.

I ordered a Honey Lavender Chamomile Latte and took a seat. From the first sip of the latte, I tasted all three flavours. The overall taste is airy and light, but all three elements blend perfectly for a beverage that instantly relaxes and unwinds. 

If you are in Richmond and crave a specialty tea latte, we would highly recommend you stop by in the afternoon between 2-5, when the mall is less busy with more parking available. You may bump into us there trying their extensive list of teas, fresh brewed coffee and specialty tea lattes!

Questa working behind the bar.