COMFORT EATS || Sen Pad Thai

Thanksgiving long weekend on a chilly Saturday morning called for comfort food, and what better than spicy pad thai on Granville Island?

A tiny shop serving up rich flavours.

A tiny shop serving up rich flavours.

Nestled amongst creative and established local retailers in The Net Loft, Sen Pad Thai is a casual eatery serving up authentic pad thai amongst other comfort food options. The fifth culinary venture for Chef Angus An, the open kitchen replaces the cafe that used to be in the space, and now fills the air with a tangy spicy flavour that made our mouths water.

Pendulum Magazine Sen Pad Thai Menu

I quickly settled on trying the original pad thai with a thai iced tea (which I have missed dearly since my visit to Bangkok). My friend ordered a special real crab pad thai, which was paired with thinner noodles, and deep fried chicken wings. 

Sen Pad Thai Granville Island Original Pad Thai Pendulum Magazine

Served in environmentally friendly takeout containers, the generous portions deliver a hearty meal. The noodles are stir fried with tamarind, piled high with crunchy mung bean sprouts and a slice of lime to add flavour. Sen Pad Thai provides several sauces as well to add some kick to your meal; it's got some kick so use sparingly! 

There was also a generous amount of crab meat on my friend's pad thai, and the spicy sauce called for several sips of thai iced tea to calm our taste buds. We are glad there is now another option on Granville Island for a casual lunch where there is ample seating, in comparison to the crowded Public Market area, where eating is tough to find year round. We will be back to sample the rest of the menu!