Savio Volpe || Osteria–rustic Fare Made For Sharing

With a group of 10, we were only able to get a reservation at 5:30PM at the popular Italian restaurant Savio Volpe. The double-height glass and dense wooden door with its intricately designed door knocker set the tone for a unique dining experience. Despite it being early in the evening, the restaurant was already abuzz with activity. 

For our larger group we had the set menu made for sharing and it included 3 appetizer share plates, 2 meat mains and 2 pastas along with a 2 desserts to complete the meal. They do have an extensive dinner menu, which satisfies our love for burrata, lamb ragu and tiramisu ice cream (you must try the tiramisu sundae!)

Pendulum Magazine Savio Volpe Pork Chops

Our favourite from the evening were the pork chops, which carried a perfectly-roasted, oaky scent to them. It is rare for pork chops to retain their moisture and juiciness so we were pleasantly surprised when this dish achieved each taste to perfection. 

The other meat dish was a veal chop wrapped in prosciutto, which had turned crispy and even more delicious. 

The pastas for the evening included a simple cheesy meat pasta and a vegetarian ravioli. At this time we were struggling to save room in our stomachs for the highlight of the evening - the infamous tiramisu sundae. With 3 scoops of ice cream bringing together the different flavours of tiramisu and nuts sprinkled on top along with ladyfingers soaking up the sweetness at the bottom, some would opt to have only this for dinner!

The tiramisu sundae and the dark chocolate cake and cannelloni part of the sharing menu.

We stayed well into the evening as we passed plates around the table and sipped on cold beer. The restaurants's tagline says Savio Volpe is "for Friends, Family and Strangers", and we can see the logic behind it, because their dishes encourage strangers to become friends by offering an intimate dining atmosphere where guests can break bread together and spend hours chatting and laughing their way through the evening.