RAISU ||  Designed Japanese Teishoku

In celebration of 2 birthdays, we had chosen to gather our friends for dinner at Raisu, where one can experience their thoughtfully designed and crafted Japanese Teishoku (Set Meal).

Pendulum Magazine - Raisu on 4th.

Located on West 4th in Vancouver, British Columbia, you may miss the sign for the restaurant if you are looking for a large prominent sign. Raisu is on the 2nd level, with only a small set of staircases in between retail shops leading up to the spacious dining area.

The central bar is a lovely space to eat if you have a party of two, and the outdoor patio is a great choice for summer, catching the summer rays as you enjoy the innovative menu. 

Prior to our arrival we had asked for recommendations on what to indulge ourselves with from their extensive menu. The Snow Crab and Uni Udon or the staple Katsudon (fried to perfection!) Our server was extremely attentive and engaging, and our table was filled with laughs as we made new friends with the staff.

We ordered a pitcher of plum wine sangria which arrived in a cute glass jar. It was a perfect summer evening with the sunset rays grazing our skin as we sipped sangria and the boys drank Japanese beer.

Our server arrived with three Teishoku boxes and each of the 9 'cubicles' in the seat meal was beautifully presented. The taste was equally as amazing, with fresh summer flavours such as the cold noodle dipped in quail egg, and the sweet egg roll (Temaki) stamped with the cartoonish Raisu logo. For those who want to try their specialty Teishoku, do call and reserve ahead of time, as they do often sell out of the Teishoku.

Pendulum Magazine - Raisu on 4th

There were a total of 4 birthday groups that evening we visited (us being one of them), and it felt like we celebrated 4 times as we sang Happy Birthday multiple times. Our server was also kind enough to treat us to a green tea cream roll with blueberry whipped cream; a delicious finishing touch to our meal.

A fine gathering spot for friends who want to share Japanese plates and beer. It won't be long before we return to try the rest of the menu.