GLOBE BISTRO || An Ever-Changing Chef's Tasting Menu

You haven’t seen an efficient kitchen at work until you’ve visited the Globe Bistro. 

The front of the restaurant is for casual dining, with a bar on one side and round tables lining the walls. 

The back of the restaurant is known for its ever-changing chef’s menu, changed every 3 to 4 days. That is an astonishing rate for a restaurant to change over its chef’s menu, but we will credit that to Chef Dan’s dedication to pushing his team’s and his own creativity. Not only does the team constantly innovate, they also work extremely efficiently. Globe Bistro has a capacity of 350 guests, and when we heard that Chef Dan has only a team of 5 working in the kitchen, we were shocked. 

For those who have been to restaurants with open kitchens, it’s likely you have tried counting the number of kitchen staff (or is it just us?) Usually there are at least 10 kitchen staff manning different stations in the kitchen. Here, the team serves up piping hot dishes at the same pace, but with half the man power. 

Aside from its casual dining area and the fine dining area at the back, the restaurant also has a private dining room that can house up to 55 guests, and a rooftop patio that would be perfect for summer minglers.

The Chef’s menu is carefully designed, with palette cleansers in between key components of the meal. There is a current promotion available over at Travelzoo Canada, where you can enjoy the Chef’s menu for two for just $89.

Now let’s review the thoughtful and innovative tasting menu courtesy of Chef Dan.

The amuse bouche was a delightful duck and onions, and the potato and wild leek purée with crispy pork belly, sauerkraut, and black pepper followed. A creamy texture with the potato to warm our stomachs, the purée was a great introduction to the rest of the menu.

Amuse bouche of duck and onions.

Potato and leek purée.

The second course was a salad with grilled radicchio, pickled heirloom beets wrapped around Grey Owl goat's milk cheese cannelloni finished with a rosehip emulsion. This dish was so wonderfully light with a balanced flavour portfolio. The grilled radicchio with its slightly smokey scent, the goat cheese with the sweet beet wrapped around it, every bite and every detail on the plate was considered.

The most creative dish was the beeswax poached rainbow trout, which is baked in hot beeswax. Chef Dan poured the hot beeswax into the pan at our table, and we observed as the beeswax cooled, transferring heat to effectively ‘bake’ the trout. The resulting texture of the trout was buttery beyond belief. It simply melted in our mouths. The lingering taste and aroma of the beeswax is also noteworthy, definitely an inventive touch. 

Rainbow trout slowly ‘baking’ in the beeswax.

The resulting buttery smooth creation.

Chef Dan also included their signature dish as a part of the tasting menu, Northern elk loin with pumpkin squash purée, pickled local ginger, caribou moss and mole. The elk tasted smokey and gamey with a chewy texture. The fried caribou moss was the detail that stood out from this dish, balancing the overall flavours and texture profile.

The signature Northern Elk Loin.

Following the most richly-flavoured dish on the Chef’s menu, Chef Dan slowed down the pace with smooth and supple La Sauvagine cow’s milk cheese with apple slices and caramelized honey. The tartiness paired with the creamy cheese was a great way to wind down the meal.

To close, Chef Dan served up another inventive dessert, a chocolate pudding with a paper-thin chocolate wafer balanced on top, finished with a decadent caramel mousse sprinkled with hazelnuts.

With its creative new Chef menu changing almost twice per week, you can rest assured that you will always experience something new with every visit to the Globe Bistro. We suggest enjoying the Chef’s menu with someone you want to spend a few hours catching up with, or a few girlfriends for a girl’s night out - because what can be better than great food and company? 

Don’t forget there is a Travelzoo deal where you can enjoy Chef Dan’s inventive tasting menu for two for just $89! Head over to this link for all the details.


124 Danforth Ave, Toronto

(416) 466-2000