HAWKSWORTH RESTAURANT || Summer BC Journey Tasting Menu

What defines one fine dining restaurant from another?

We believe it is the service, because without excellent service, the world’s best interiors, freshest produce and most innovative menu falls flat without someone or a team delivering the experience. Hawksworth Restaurant is renowned for its innovative, seasonal menus and even more so for their spectacular service. We had the opportunity to experience this firsthand when we visited to try their new Summer BC Journey tasting menu.

From the moment you notice the entire team is aware of your presence, attentive to your needs, and willing to help. From helping you find the most suitable wine pairing for a dish, to adjusting the speed of their dish to your appetite, they want to ensure you have a great dining experience.

Let’s take a look at what’s new on their tasting menu.


What a great way to kickstart our appetite! The Heirloom Tomato is fresh and juicy, with the crispy layer on top adding texture to each bite. The flavouring of the dish is amazing with a sweet, tangy mix that is guarantee to awaken your appetite in preparation of the following six courses to come. This dish embodies the feeling of summer, where everything is lively, vibrant, and packed with flavour.

Heirloom Tomato with red pepper, nasturtium.


The immaculate presentation of this dish encapsulates the feelings of the waves and the ocean. Once the crab shell is lifted, you will see a clear jelly covering the crab meat. The crab meat is prepared with asian-inspired flavours, as it reminds us of the flavours one would experience as part of a ten-course Chinese fine dining menu.

Dungeness Crab with seaweed and cucumber.


The Summer BC Journey tasting menu features some of the best, fresh local produce, and this dish dresses up delicious squash with accompanying greens and quinoa and almond to round out this hearty dish and add texture and crunch to every bite.

Summer Squash with quinoa and almond.


Always a delightful dish, the Sablefish in this summer menu rendition is slightly golden on on the top, and creamy and buttery on the inside. The fish cuts with a gentle glide of the fork in large, meaty flakes. The sweet corn and fresh greens add an extra dose of summer to the dish.

Sablefish with corn and asparagus.


The sweet golden and red beets are a great way to balance out the heavier, succulent flavours of the duck breast. The skin is light and crispy, with a thin layer of fat to accompany the juicy meat. It is appreciated that the sauce is kept to a minimum to let one savour the hearty and original flavour of the meat.

Yarrow Meadows Duck with beets and cherries.


A unique dessert that will cool you down on a hot summer day. The yogurt is served with a denser consistency than what is usually expected, with a fascinating chewy texture that reminds us of candy. A layer of fresh, seasonal fruits are nestled under shaved ice at the top, with a thin layer of fruit jelly at the bottom of the bowl. Delicate flowers complete the presentation of this dish.

Elderflower with yogurt and summer fruit.

At Hawksworth Restaurant, you are encouraged to slow down and enjoy the full experience, be it 2, 3 or even 4 hours invested in a seven-course meal. It’s your chance to be pampered with the city’s best food and service - who would relinquish such an opportunity?



801 W Georgia St, Vancouver

(604) 673-7000

Photos by Florence Leung