BRUNCH IN PROVENCE || Shangri-La Vancouver

If you have had a long week, you will feel your shoulders instantly relax as you step inside Belle Provence, the lovely patio serving a delectable brunch menu at The Market by Jean Georges located inside Shangri-La Vancouver

Greenery hangs from the earthy seating areas, and Omar's voice turns every possible beat into a sweet medley, setting the tone for a peaceful, indulgent brunch. 

We started off our meal with tasty madeleines and their Black Rose cocktail, made with Truffle-infused Vodka by local vodka distillery Sons of Vancouver, topped with a single rose petal and perfumed with Rose Distillate. We are off to a classy start.

Next up, we had the Plateau de Ferme with Pâté de Foie de Volaille, Chèvre Cheese, Picholine Olives, Marcona Almonds and a Demi-Baguette. It is the perfect share plate to nibble on to awaken your appetite. 

We also enjoyed a side of refreshing mint tea as we waited for our entrées. You can feel the elegance of the experience through every touch, such as the premium loose leaf teas, dainty tea infuser and side of bottled honey that comes with your tea. 

For our mains, we elected to go with the whitefish salad and chicken breast.

The Salade de Branzino Grillé is served with zesty lemon, healthy kale and crunchy croutons. We loved that the grilled fish retained its natural oils and that the lemon balances out the flavours of the dish.

The Blanc de Poulet Rôti, Rossdown chicken breast with artichoke, turnip, and foie gras emulsion, sits on a scrumptious bed of creamy corn, the perfect complement to this hearty dish. The potatoes were crispy on the exterior and buttery soft on the inside. 

Our server then brought a welcomed interlude to our meal, a beautiful cocktail made from the 'Dream Blend' from O5 Tea, Vodka from Sons of Vancouver, and Maraschino Liqueur from the Okanagan. The slight bitterness of the tea was well-timed as our desserts were about to make an entrance.

Who can resist sweet, house-baked chocolate cake? Fresh fruits and chocolate are always a great pairing, and the vanilla bean ice cream melts in your mouth along with the warm chocolate fondant. 

Our closing note was also our server's favourite dessert - the House-Baked Cherry Tart for Two. Not only did it look delicious, the white cake's soft texture mixed in with the sweet cherries make for a lovely summer treat. 

Enjoying brunch on the patio at The Market by Jean Georges is like a gift, much like how you would enjoy a 3-hour spa session; a relaxing brunch on this beautiful patio in the heart of downtown Vancouver is a self-pampering session you will not soon forget.


1115 Alberni St, Vancouver, BC

(604) 695-1115

Photos: Florence Leung