CHA LE TEA CAFE || An Innovative Tea Experience for Everyone

Aromatic teas have the ability to calm and relax.

Cha Le Tea Cafe in the heart of busy Yaletown serves quality and premium teas in a high-paced setting to share the joy of tea with everyone, whether already a tea lover or a beginner to the art of tea. The goal is to make traditional tea more fun and appealing, and once you have tried a few of the fun flavours offered in store we are sure you will return for more.

Designed by Architect Michael Leckie, the space is modern and refined, establishing a zen atmosphere with the use of light plywood and marble. 

Rows upon rows of tea line the wall, amongst which you will find high-quality teas curated from farms in China, Japan, India, and locally from Vancouver. 

High-tech brewing machines from Alpha Dominche are app controlled, with preset brewing times and temperatures for different teas, ensuring each cup of tea is made perfectly each and every time. Cold teas are also available and made as cold brew. 

Cha Le Tea Cafe adds an innovative twist to traditional teas by adding organic superfoods to their drinks, such as green algae, which turns the drink a lovely sky blue. 

Mint Majik Latte with blue algae.

There's also kombucha on tap, so tea drinkers have plenty of options to experience innovative teas.

For those who prefer citrus, tangy refreshers, the Grapefruit Green Tea Splash with slices of Grapefruit will quench your thirst on a hot summer day. The last flavour we tried was the Almond Rose Boba Tea, which carried a sweet earthy scent, and we were pleasantly surprised by the intense floral taste given there were no artificial flavours.

Grapefruit Green Tea Splash. Fruity and refreshing. 

If you want a snack to go with your premium teas, Cha Le Tea Cafe also offers a variety of sweet and savoury toasts, such as the Prosciutto Toast with smashed avocado and poached egg, which is undoubtedly a local favourite.

For those with a sweet tooth, you won't be disappointed; you can take your pick of the delicious Salted Caramel and Banana Toast with brown sugar and cinnamon mascarpone, or the Chocolate Toast with milk chocolate, hazelnut & roasted Iron Goddess of Mercy spread. 

Prosciutto Toast with smashed avocado and pouched egg.

We will likely pay numerous more visits to Cha Le to stock up our tea shelves with their aromatic teas, and have them on our go-to list for a healthy and tasty lunch break!


1207 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Photos: Wendy Qian