CAFE PISTA || A Great Start to Your Morning

Cafe Pista is a success story that started with humble beginnings. 

Five years ago, the business had started as a mobile bike cafe, an extremely cute setup that won over the hearts of locals and visitors alike to the beautiful city of Montreal. Two and a half years ago the Founder, Maxime, moved into the current space and joined forces with his co-owners, Julien and Alexander. 

Fast forward to today, Cafe Pista now sits on a recognized street corner, with a mint green building facade above its ground level shop. Outdoor seating area reminds us of the playful slides on children's playgrounds, and who wouldn't want to relive that? Even if it's only for half an hour while you sip on your morning coffee to fuel up for the day ahead.

It was 10 AM in the morning when we stopped by on a Friday. Large, graphic art prints dress up the walls, and the ceiling makes a statement with its gold deco details. 

Julien, one of the three co-owners of Cafe Pista, busies himself at the counter serving a steady stream of customers looking for their morning caffeine. The set up of the cafe provides a variety of 'hangout' spots for individuals, pairs, and groups. 

The left side of the wall is lined with dark, mint green booths and wooden tables for pairs and small groups of threes. Those running in for a quick cup of coffee find a space along the bar top seating lining the windows or by the counter. 

Art and culture magazines hang from a minimal rack by the entrance, urging guests to take a moment to relax and enjoy their coffee. 

As an avid tea drinker, I decided on a London Fog Latte, which was beautifully presented in a mint green tea cup. 

After the first few sips of our latte, we selected a few delicious items off the menu - the Croissant Dej, Tartine d'Avocat, and Granola with Greek Yogurt.

The Croissant Dej comes with a soft poached egg, ham and cheese with fresh greens, packed into a buttery, soft croissant. 

Croissant Dej.

The Granola made with Greek Yogurt, fresh seasonal fruits, and nuts was our favourite, because the yogurt was light and. creamy, and the sweetness came from the fresh fruits and not added flavours. 

The Tartine d'Avocado was also tasty, with its creamy layer of avocado, soft poached egg and sliced vegetables to add texture to the dish. 

If you want to spend a slow morning enjoying some time to yourself, we would highly recommend stopping by Cafe Pista for a beautiful, tasty latte, and a healthy bowl of Granola or croissant. The team at Cafe Pista works hard to ensure the curated menu items each shine in their own right. We hope you get a chance to stop by if your travels ever take you to Montreal!


500 Rue Beaubien E, Montréal

Photos: Florence Leung