LOV || Delightful Vegetarian Food in Montreal

If you aren't vegetarian, you will still want to visit LOV. 

The ability to relax in their airy yet cozy setting the restaurant has created with its charming rustic decor, white wooden planks, green walls... is well worth the visit. 

The more important factor is that it will open your mind to the fact that vegetarian food can be delicious(!) 

I am a carnivore at heart, but made an spontaneous decision to try out this highly-rated vegetarian restaurant during my Montreal visit. I have to say - absolutely no regrets. 

Water feature in the courtyard / patio area.

On a warm summer day it's no surprise the patio is busy.

Approaching the restaurant, you will see a white fence with hanging greenery; walk up the steps and you are in the spacious courtyard decorated with white tables and chairs and greenery walls on both sides. A water fountain adds a relaxing element to the environment. 

Who doesn't want to be welcomed by lush greens and punchy yellow bar stools? 

The indoor space is a warm white, with a mix of white brick and wood creating a rustic and intimate dining atmosphere. A beautiful greenery wall greets you by the reception desk, and we noted the punchy, yellow armchairs adding to the green and white colour decor palette. 

Beautiful wallpaper in the back bar area. 

The front section of the restaurant is bar seating, where one could sit to grab a quick breakfast and smoothie. Past this area you will find the dining area, where comfortable design elements invite guests to stay and mingle. 

Larger booth seating lines the walls, hanging egg chairs give you both a spot to settle in or to take an Instagram photo (we can all admit we do it okay?) The mix of mint green, gold, white and yellow instills a sense of elegance and energy to the room. 

Comfortable intimate booth seating for groups.

After walking around the restaurant admiring the design details, we sat down for breakfast. We chose the Apple Pancakes with Cashew Chai Cream and an Acai Smoothie. We had debated whether we would want to order a savoury dish as well, but given it was early in the morning it would have challenged our appetites. 

The smoothie was sweet and tart with a delicious mix of berries. The Apple Pancakes came with three pancakes and is a sizeable meal, especially if you decide to have a breakfast smoothie as well. We also added a soft boiled egg to ensure we got a dose of protein. 

Acai Smoothie.

Apple Pancakes with fresh fruit.

View from the dining room to the entrance.

Just because it's a vegetarian menu doesn't mean you can't add wine(!)

After finishing our meal, we still took our time to sit and reflect in the lovely dining space, before heading out for the rest of our day's adventures. We would have loved to try out the savory options on the menu, as we peered over at other tables with tasty plates of food. One thing for sure is we will return with a group next time to ensure we can order more items to try!

We love this illuminated sign.



464 McGill St, Montreal

Photos: Florence Leung