THE COMMUNE SOCIAL || Tapas, Dessert and Bar in Jing-An, Shanghai

How you experience The Commune Social is really up to you.

The Commune Social is the latest creation of Chef Jason Atherton, award-winning Shanghai design firm Neri&Hu and Acclaimed Singapore Hotelier and restauranteur Loh Lik Peng. Having had successes with Table No.1 (Shanghai), 22 Ships (Hong Kong) and Esquina (Singapore), The Commune Social is yet another exciting project aimed to breathe life into historic and charming neighbourhood.

The space features numerous dining spaces each tailored for a compartmentalized experience. Start happy hour in the airy courtyard surrounded by greenery or at the cozy tapas bar, then wander over to the dessert bar where you can watch the chefs preparing your dessert. Still craving for more? The upstairs Secret Bar offers an expertly crafted cocktail to end your evening on a relaxing note. Each room serves something different, and each room evokes a different atmosphere.

The four adjoining rooms provide also a communal and social aspect that is in the original spatial concept of the Social restaurant group. (Pollen Street Social in London, and 22 ships in Hong Kong, both designed also by Neri&Hu.) The moving feasting idea is a way for diners to be active in the restaurant, and engage in social activities while dining.

This well rounded experiential restaurant has won numerous accolades including Restaurant of the Year, Shanghai-wow’s Best Brunch Terrace and more. Let us take you on a discovery tour.

Interesting artifacts near the entryway.

From the exterior of the restaurant, you would hardly be able to guess the numerous experiences hidden inside. Once you are past the single glass door, interest artifacts on display in glass case beckon for your attention. A small library holding a curated collection stands to the left, and the dessert bar to the right. Most diners wander straight through to start their dining experience in the courtyard or one of the indoor dining rooms, where friends break bread and share a delicious Spanish tapas meal.

Patron enjoying a late lunch in the courtyard.

The spacious outdoor dining courtyard.

Everything on the menu is made to share, arriving in small bite-sized portions that allow you to experience more of the menu. Head Chef Sergio Moreno’s menu is a fresh and modern take on Spanish tapas, innovating the genre with an international twist.

Start with a vibrant salad piled high with colourful and fresh vegetables and work your way to the juicy sliders. Our host shared that the most popular dish is the Spanish Breakfast, a Spanish staple most guests select to have as part of their meal.

Beef tartar (special Vietnamese dressing, Asian fusion style, garnished with inoki mushroom and onion)

Grilled radicchio, baked beetroot, orange and whipped goat curd

Bite sized Wagyu and foie gras burgers.

Spanish break with chorizo and potatoes.

Cozy, intimate dining area designed with patrons seated around the bar and others sipping their drinks standing along the wall.

We recommend you make room to try the designed dessert options at the dessert bar after sharing delicious tapas. The dessert bar lines the length of the room, with seating at the bar and a two-seater table by the window. We would opt to sit at the bar to witness the creation of the tasty treats, where you can see the chef carefully place basil ice cream inside of a circular vessel made of lemon meringue and top it with yogurt shaved ice.

The dessert bar.

Chef Kim Melvin hailing from South Africa continuously refines the pastry and dessert creations to bring forth new, innovative flavours. Every item on the dessert menu is thoughtfully designed, such as the consideration of hiding basil ice cream inside of a lemon meringue - an unexpected mix of flavours. Those who prefer the tangy flavours of fresh berries can choose from options similar to the one pictured below, with peanut butter and blueberry ice cream drizzled with white chocolate and peanut sauce.

Carefully handcrafting the dessert with a basil ice cream surprise inside.

A medley of textures. Olive oil brioche, chocolate ganache, pistachio and sea salt.

If you feel like staying out after lingering at the dessert bar or are craving a digestive after consuming copious amounts of food, you can head up the stairs to the cocktail bar, where experienced bartenders prepare handcrafted cocktails.

The stairs leading up to the bar.

A comprehensive drink and cocktail menu.

A comprehensive drink and cocktail menu.

The finishing touch.

The Commune Social offers several experience within one location, tailored for all of your moods - whether you are in the mood to socialize in the open-air courtyard, share a dessert with your significant other, or catch up with friends over a drink in the upstairs bar. Visit The Commune Social the next time you are in Shanghai to experience the ‘moving feast’ concept.


511 Jiangning Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000

+86 21 6047 7638