VERRE || French-Mediterranean Cuisine by The Water

VERRE || French-Mediterranean Cuisine by The Water

Step inside the jewel-box interiors of Verre to enjoy classic french culinary tastes with touches of Mediterranean influences, set against the backdrop of Vancouver’s most beautiful mountain and water views.

Renowned Canadian Chef Liam Breen returns to Vancouver with 75-seat waterfront restaurant Verre, serving up a menu with a unique international flair. Verre takes its name not only from a drinking vessel, but also Douglas Coupland’s “City of Glass” moniker for Vancouver, and (most importantly) from the jewel-box design of the 3,300-square-foot dining room.

The dining room is surrounded by glass on three sides, allowing passerby and prospective patrons a glimpse into the dining space as they wander along the sun-drenched seawall. Reflections of the sunshine off of the gently lapping water and the glass enclosure of the restaurant sparkle in unison, creating a tranquil retreat day or night.

300-bottle wine rack of copper, bronze and glass.

Other design elements within the interiors also make extensive use of glass, such as the 300-bottle wine rack housing the restaurant’s extensive collection of old and new world wines. Smoked-glass adds a sophisticated feel to the black-marble bar, creating a designated space for those who want to explore the creative cocktail menu seated in the caramel-coloured plush leather stools.

No matter what kind of beverage you are in the mood for, the cocktail menu will have an option tailored for you. Happy hour with colleagues or neighbours, refreshments to complement your dinner, or post-dinner drinks to end your evening, there’s a taste and space inside Verre to satisfy every one of your whims.

Smoked-glass and black-marble bar.

The Chara Chamble topped with a cooling cucumber is perfect for the upcoming summer season. Imagine sipping on one of these refreshers as you are seated on the 25-seat outdoor patio gazing out onto the water as the sun sinks behind the mountains.

Chara Chamble. Kettle One Vodka, Muddled Cucumber, Ginger of the Indies Ginger Beer, Pink Pepper Bitters.

The Duclair is a lovely option to pair with dinner, a taste you can slowly savour as you enjoy the myriad of French classics and innovative seafood dishes. The Abacot Ranger, a Bourbon-based cocktail served in a carved short glass, reflects the mysterious mood of the later hours of the evening.

The Duclair. Captain Morgan aged Rum, Muroise, Maple Syrup, Lemon, Egg White, Peychaud Mist.

Abacot Ranger. Bulleit Bourbon, Luxardo Cherry, Demerara syrup, Bittermans xocolatl mole bitters, orange bitters.

The creative cocktail menu is a supporting element for the outstanding flavours in the food menu. Such as the intensely-rich and indulgent foie gras torchon served with sourdough, where the bittersweet taste of the cherries balance the full-flavoured creamy foie gras.

The scallop crudo served with sauce vierge, courgette and finished with dollops of basil puree and breadcrumbs is a great shared appetizer. The scallops are plump, juicy and fresh, and the breadcrumbs offer juxtaposed flavour and texture to the dish.

Foie gras torchon, cherry, sourdough.

Scallop crudo with basil puree.

The most memorable dish for us was the whole roasted Branzino, topped with salsa verde, cherry tomatoes and pickled garlic. This Mediterranean fish is also known as ‘Greek Sea Bass’, and is traditionally cooked whole. Here, the fish soaks up the refreshing flavours of the vegetables and spices, resulting in an appetizing taste that makes your mouth water with each bite.

Whole Roasted Branzino.

Verre is a hidden gem along the Vancouver seawall, optimally positioned along a quieter section of the seawall where local residents often bike and jog to take in the stunning waterfront views. We imagine with the arrival of the spring and summer season, the outdoor patio will become a favourite hangout to enjoy a bottle of wine from the restaurant’s extensive collection and the dining room will be bustling with activity as more neighbours discover this tasty new addition to the Coal Harbour community.

Mediterranean-inspired impasto stucco feature wall nestled alongside the black marble bar.


550 Denman St, Vancouver, BC

(604) 428-4843

Photos by Florence Leung