THE GREEK BY ANATOLI || Fall Off the Bone Fragrant, Tender Country Lamb

An airy dining space with double-height ceilings basked in natural light - an ideal place to enjoy family-style Greek food in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Gastown.

The Greek by Anatoli, a restaurant with now 3 locations in Greater Vancouver, is a favourite local hangout for those who enjoy homestyle lamb platters, refreshing salads and thirst-quenching cocktails. The Gastown location is newly-opened since February with a condensed menu similar to the group’s Yaletown location. Owner Alexis Makris designed the space to be an inviting environment, with a family-feel while remaining modern and upscale.

Statement rug anchors the restaurant’s characteristic decor.

Locals enjoy catching up with friends at the bar in the afternoon, where Helen’s Sangria is one of the most popular beverages. There are plenty of options from the drinks menu including draft local beer, greek pale ale, wine and even bubbly to celebrate special occasions.

Helen’s Sangria.

Those with time to enjoy a sit-down meal can grab a seat in the grey velvet booths or upstairs on the second-floor overlooking the main entrance. We tried some of the best-selling dishes from the menu and here are the ones we would recommend.

The Greek Salad is served with thinly-sliced cucumbers, tomato chunks and green peppers. Lightly dressed in olive oil and toped with feta cheese imported from Greece, this salad is a must for those who love cheese. Ingredients are picked off the vine, so guests can indulge in the fresh taste of local ingredients and imported authentic ingredients to highlight the flavours of this cultural dish.

When asked why the cheese is served as a single block instead of crumbled, Chef Scott Robertson shares

The cheese is presented in a block in order to not lose the integrity of the product. Since we are importing such an expensive product, we want to keep the integrity of the product and showcase it. It gives our customers the opportunity to cut into it and by the way, this is how they serve it in Greece.
— Chef Scott Robertson

Greek Salad - a refreshing start to your meal.

The result of the team’s attention to detail is a well-balanced cultural dish, where the delicate feta cheese brings out the flavour of the vegetables. Whether to experience the feta cheese crumbled, in cubes or larger chunks for a richer taste is entirely up to the guest.

The Octopothi is another popular dish, where grilled octopus is served with crispy potatoes, olive oil and lemon caper dressing. The octopus is a local and sustainable product, caught off the coast of the Northern Pacific in an area that is not overfished. The octopus arrives whole and is cut and pressed at the restaurant the day it is caught. Tender and flavourful, we recommend you pair this dish with one of the refreshing beverages from the bar.

Octopothi - a guest favourite.

Now, for the carnivores who prefer a hearty meal, the Country Lamb Platter is the staple dish at The Greek by Anatoli. Braised, fall off the bone lamb with seasonal vegetables, potatoes and rice. Chef Scott Robertson describes the dish as “a hearty dish with lots of flavour profiles, so when you are enjoying the country lamb, you’d notice acidic flavours and herb flavours.” The lamb is supremely tender and brimming with meat juices, falls off the bone as described, rich in the herb fragrance, and melts in your mouth. Sprinkle the meat with a touch of fresh lemon juice to bring out the flavour even more.

Country Lamb Platter - best for those who are hungry!

For a taste of authentic Mediterranean cuisine, visit The Greek by Anatoli’s new Gastown location and unwind in the welcoming dining room.


221 Carrall Street, Vancouver



Photos by Florence Leung

A prime location in the heart of Gastown.