BELGARD KITCHEN || Let the Good Times Roll

The saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ applies to Belgard Kitchen.

Wandering on the street outside the restaurant you may mistaken it for an industrial warehouse. The heavy wooden door is closed tightly and the sidewalk is quiet with few passerby. Past the front door, you will be greeted by the growler station, where locals swing by with their growlers for refills of the popular Postmark Brewing craft beers

If you are ready to dine, you will want to go through the second set of arched wooden doors, where the smell of comfort food and lively chatter will instantly draw you in.

Entrance to the lively dining room.

Get your refills at the growler station.

A friendly server greets us at the reception made out of a half wooden barrel and seats us at a wooden dining table in the spacious, double-height dining room. Exposed timber planks, rows and rows of barrels stacked along one side and brewery tanks on the other side of the space adds to the industrial vibe. These various elements makes you feel as if you are part of the beer-making process, creating a friendly and approachable dining space.

A view of the room from the restaurant’s second floor private dining space.

As we waited for all the dishes we ordered off the menu, we had an opportunity to wander into the beer-making facility on site, and learned that Postmark Brewing has been the beer partner for the Canada Sevens since 2016. Inside of these specialty cans is a custom brew for the Canada Sevens - an easy and light lager designed for all beer lovers. A glimpse inside of the refrigerator revealed other mesmerizing pastel and spring-coloured beer cans, which are the new designs for the season.

During our quick tour we also discovered other enclaves for those who want a cozier dining environment. The first floor offers leather booth seating for larger groups, and a small private space upstairs is perfect to celebrate a birthday party or other special occasion.

Tucked away off to the side of the dining room, groups can enjoy a cozier dining space.

While some may think that the focus is all on the beer at Belgard Kitchen, we encourage you to begin your meal with one of their White and Pink Wine Flights (plus, what can be better than starting off a meal with wine?)

From left to right pictured below, we had the Vancouver Urban Winery Pino Gris’15 made in East Vancouver, JoieFarm ‘A Nobel Blend’ ‘15 made in Naramata, Tantalus Riesling Lab ‘17 made in Kelowna, Painted Rock Rose ‘16 made in Okanagan Falls and Therapy Pink Freud Rose ‘17 made in Naramata.

The next task on hand was to fill the entire table with delicious eats, which we did effortlessly with the help of our host. We started with the colourful Quinoa + Rocket salad, with avocado cubes, lemon herb vinaigrette, cilantro, watermelon radish, candied nuts to add texture and goat cheese for additional kick. Mix it all together and your meal is off to a refreshing, tasty start.

Quinoa + Rock.

Another great appetizer to share amongst the table would be the Grilled Postmark Sausage Board, with IPA chorizo, Stout beef sausage, Two River’s cured meat, tomato and olive tapanade, artisan cheese, toasty bread and mushroom and bacon pate - whew! that’s a lot of tasty bites on one board! Whether you are sipping wine or beer, this would be a great accompaniment.

Grilled Postmark Sausage Board.

Past the share plates to kick off the meal, let’s more on to a few dishes that taste so good you wouldn’t want to share. If you are feeling hungry these are the most satisfying options to go for. Let’s start with The Railtown Wrap; it’s got roast marinated portobellos, avocado, sprouts, pickled onions, hummus and flatbread. Filling, but still leaning towards a healthier combination of ingredients.

Another tasty option for pesto lovers would be the Roasted Mushroom and Country Bacon Pizzette. It’s got Postmark Stout braised onions, aged white cheddar and sunflower seed pesto. Hmmm…braised onions(!)

The Railtown Wrap.

Roasted Mushroom + Country Bacon Pizzette.

Now, for The Belgard Burger. If someone ever asked us if they can share this burger, they will likely have to fight us for it. Tender Pemberton Meadows Beef, aged white cheddar, creamy caramelized onions, crunchy iceberg lettuce, thick slices of juicy tomatoes on a cushiony-soft brioche bun. Admit it, after reading that description you want the burger to yourself as well.

Did we mention it comes with the cutest side of popcorn? If you go for the burger we recommend you pair it with a Postmark Beer. Either the Orange Chocolate Baltic Porter, or the classic Pilsner that is light bodied and crisp with a wonderful floral aroma and brilliant herbal notes on the finish.

Enjoy a pint of the Orange Chocolate Baltic Porter.

So where would you go next time for a delicious burger and thirst-quenching beer? Belgard Kitchen serves up some of the best savoury creations in Railtown. Great food, refreshing craft beer, curated wine flights and a lively, bustling dining room - let the good times roll!

55 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver

(604) 699-1989

Photos by Florence Leung